I applauded as Zach was the first of our group to receive his diploma. After our Sophomore year, we’d all insisted he care more about his grades, and it had apparently paid off. He’d found an interest in programming and was set to attend a university about 2 hours from here. He grinned for the camera and sat down, still beaming.

Then came Maddie, followed by Julio, both who would be attending the community college in the city, as they didn’t have a definite career choice yet. Next was Jordan, who almost tripped walking onto the stage; he had chosen architecture at the celebrated university an hour or so away, which was something I knew he had looked forward to; that was evident even back when he first started his YouTube channel building maps for Survival Games. 

Next was Mike, who had decided to pursue psychology to help combat his anxiety at the University of Baylor, in Texas. We wouldn’t get to see him much in person, but I could tell he was satisfied with his choice. Sean came after, hair falling into his eyes; video game design had been his selection, at the same university that Zach would be attending. I cheered the loudest when he received his diploma. Then came Liam, who had, surprisingly, chosen public services at the community college so he could became a fireman or a police officer (he wasn’t sure yet). I glared when Veronica appeared; she glared right back before fake-smiling at the camera. I was glad when she went back to her seat.

Then it was my turn.

“Winters, Elise.” The standard applause echoed around me as I stood, though I could identify my friends’ and my mother’s louder claps and cheers among the rest without a problem. Trying not to trip over my long robe, I steadily climbed the steps, the stage lights nearly blinding me. I crossed it to the principal, who held my diploma. I took it and shook his hand, smiling again at his moustache like I had the first time I’d seen him. I flashed a grin at the photographer and headed back to my seat.

What had my choice been, you ask?

I’d decided to become a doctor, and I was heading to the same University that Jordan was going to.

I sat back in my chair.

I did it.


“Do we have to?” complained Zach good-naturedly. “I mean, I know I’m beautiful and all, but…”

“Of course we do!” squealed my mom, and I sighed, though I was grinning. “Trust me, Zach, you’ll want this picture in twenty years to show your kids!”

“Zach? Have kids?” Julio smirked. “Right. Zach barely has the patience for my little brother. I can’t imagine him having his own children.” We all laughed, even Zach, who was nodding in agreement.

Nevertheless, we arranged ourselves so that mom could take our photo. We did a serious one, with smiles, followed by a goofy one which dissolved into us all falling on top of each other like we had when I’d first been forgiven two years ago.

My, how time flies.

After we got enough pictures, we had a mini-party at Liam’s house, which was amazing. It was basically us just screwing around like we had for the past few years, laughing and making fun of each other, and of course, lots of Minecraft. We filmed a few vlogs for each of their channels; Liam and Zach had shown their faces for PAX last year, and the fans had embraced them with open arms. They’d also told the fans about me, and I’d been welcomed as Sean’s girlfriend and best friend of all the group. We even video-chatted Alex, who congratulated us all as well as elaborating on her own graduation, back at my old high school.

I remembered when I’d give anything to go back there.

Now I was glad I didn’t, because the past two years had been the best of my life.

And I realized this as I curled up against Sean, my head on his shoulder, as we watched the scary movie that Jordan had picked out. Screams, laughs, and jokes filled the air, and I smiled. Chaotic, certainly, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

This was my home, and my friends were my family.

...the end! I really hope you guys enjoyed this story. I certainly know I enjoyed writing it, and I look forward to continuing my writing hopefully throughout my freshman year ;) 


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