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ELISE’S POV (2 years later – age 18)

“Are you ready yet? We’re going to be late!” exclaimed Maddie, and I could imagine her crossing her arms outside my bedroom door. I quickly yanked my robe over my head and snatched up my hat, checking myself in the mirror. 


I emerged from the bedroom and Maddie was already dressed; she smiled when she saw me. “You look awesome, Elise! I can’t wait to see the look on the guys’ faces! Let’s go.” I followed her down the stairs, where my mother was waiting for us with a huge smile on her face.

“You look beautiful, girls! You ready to head out? Oh, and Maddie,” she added. “Your mom will be at the ceremony, she just has to run and grab a couple things first.”

“Okay,” replied Maddie, and the three of us piled into the car, and I watched the house fade into the distance.

We were immediately ushered inside by one of the freshman teachers, and I waved to my mom before hurrying after Maddie. She dragged me through the crowd of black robes and yellow tassles until we found them.

“Hi guys!” she yelled as we ran up to them.

They all turned to see us approach. Grins spread across each face. 

“Wow! You two look amazing!” commented Jordan with a coy smile.

I shoved him. “We’re all wearing the same thing.”

He shoved me back. “Still,” he answered, grinning.

A tap on the shoulder caused me to spin around, and I melted into the kiss when I did so. A moment’s pause, and then I broke away.

“Hi, Sean,” I greeted, pink tinting my cheeks.

“Hey.” He flicked his sort of long hair out of his eyes. “You ready for this? I can’t believe it’s actually happening!”

“I know!” I replied instantly. “And I’ve been friends with you guys over two years now! Isn’t that crazy?”

He took my hand and nodded. “It feels like only yesterday I was asking you to the Fourth of July festival.” He gently led me over to the others, and I was swept into a whirlwind of chatter until the principal stood on a desk and gave us instructions through a megaphone.

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