Let her mistake be a lesson

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"Nice going, idiot." I whispered to myself, allowing the guards to drag me down the hall. People stepped out of our way, looking at me with a mixture of curiosity and concern. I knew what came now, I've seen it, I've lived through it. 

We continued down the hallway, occasionally stopping in front of a Lady to ask if she knew where Ms. Hester might be. My body was still buzzing with the shock of electricity and power that had just ran through it. The power was still there, I could feel it pulsing through me, but I knew that using it would be completely useless. Not to mention immensely stupid. My parent's faces reappeared in my mind, their condescending expressions sending a new wave of anger over me. Their voices rang in my ears, their complete lack of concern for their own daughter's well being shocking. Even after everything they have done, I was still surprised. I really am an idiot. 

The guards finally found Ms. Hester in the kitchen. She turned around to face us, her eyes wide with shock, her knuckles going white as she clutched her cup of coffee. With each word of their explanations, her face seemed to be getting redder. Her top lip curled up to expose her teeth as she sneered at me in anger. 

"You're in for it now, child. I told you. I warned you!" She spun around, completely ignoring the large splashes of coffee splattering all over the cracked, white tiles, as she smashed her cup onto the counter. Spinning around to face us again she stormed off past us towards the exit. "Take her to the Recreation room." She ordered the guards as she veered right, more than likely heading for her office. 

The guards followed their orders, stopping in front of one of the old wooden tables in the room. There were 4 scattered throughout, this one had no chairs or people standing close to it. It was there specifically for punishments. It stood close to our small T.V, as though it was another source of entertainment. Staring at it, my stomach dropped, the realization of what was about to happen eliminated all traces of anger and power I had felt only a few seconds ago. This was going to hurt, she would make sure of that.

It didn't take long for a crowd to form. Taking one look at the cuffs around my wrists and the guard's painful grips on my arms, they knew exactly what was going to happen. A group that were sitting on the couch stood up and walked towards me, eager to get a better look. Some girls gasped, talking about how horrible this was while also moving onto their tip-toes to see me better. My eyes scanned the crowd and I noticed that Olive was there too. Her face was fraught with worry, her eyes filling with tears. She stays back, her tall frame soon being consumed by the growing crowd. 

Taking deep breaths I prepared myself, my muscles straining as I forced my body not to fight. Where would I even go if managed to rip myself from their firm grips? Ms. Hester soon reappeared, clutching the black whip. 

"Lay her down." She spat, the guards doing as they are told. "Shirt!" I heard her yell as the guards pulled up the shirt of my overalls to expose my back. 

"Now, children. This is what happens when you don't listen." Ms. Hester was addressing the large group of kids and teenagers in front of her. I felt her lean down over me as she grasped my right wrist. "Miss Rose Harper over here thought she could use her illness in a room full of civilians. She should be grateful I don't call the ACU on her right now!" 

Surprised gasps rang throughout the room, some of those around me even seemed impressed.  Ms. Hester's voice sounded firm, as though she was a mother disciplining a small child, but it held something else as well. Pleasure. She was going to enjoy this, a fact I've seen in her eyes multiple times during these punishments. The crowd began to mumble, as though in anticipation, Ms.Hester cleared her throat, signaling them to pay attention and to be quiet.

 "Let her mistake be a lesson, for all of you." 

I shut my eyes, taking a deep breath. The pain came suddenly and without warning. Gasping, I forced myself not to scream, as the blinding pain spread down my back. I clenched my fists and took a deep breath as the whip cracked again and another excruciating stab of pain spread down my spine.  Another one came and though my eyes were closed, I could feel tears spilling from them. I breathed again, preparing myself for another hit. 

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