Chapter 1

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After Noctis and Blake were able to calm down the tension between Ruby and the girl known as Weiss Schnee, the two black haired faunus made their way to the auditorium where they heard Ozpin's speech.

Right now we can see Noctis, dressed in his black turtleneck sleeveless t-shirt that was showing his muscles in their prime as his black pants but without his boots, gloves and his belt( this is how he is dressed when he sleeps or don't have any missions), walking toward Blake, who was also dressed in her pijamas, as the two of them, along with the other students were preparing to sleep inside the ballroom.

" You haven't changed, still the same gorgeous bookworm." said Noctis as he sat next to Blake, making her to smile.

" Neither did you, Noct. You're still the same flirthing joker." said Blake.

As the two of them continued to talk, Noctis noticed two familiar figures aproaching them.

" It looks like we have comapny." said Noctis as Yang and Ruby walked to them.

" Hey Noctis, it's good to see you again." said Yang with a smile as she loked at Noctis's muscles as they could be seen through his t-shirt.

" Nice to see you too Yang, Ruby. So what's up?" asked Noctis.

" Well, my sister here would like to thank your for the assistance with the white haired girl." said Yang.

" Yeah. T-Thank you for the help earlier." said Ruby as she looked at Blake.

" Your welcome." said Blake, not taking her eyes from her book.

" S-So what is it about?" asked Ruby.

" What?" asked Blake.

" The book, what is it about?" asked Ruby.

" Is about a man with two souls and their fight over the body." said Blake.

" Oh cool, you know I like books too. Yang and dad used to read me a lot of books when I was little." said Ruby as Blake didn't even listened.

This made Noctis sigh as he gave Blake a light punch in the shoulder.

" I'm sorry about her, she isn't a very sociable person." said Noctis, making blake to blush a little.

" What is all this noice? Some poeple are trying to sleep!" shouted Weiss as she walked toward the group.

" You again!" shouted Ruby and Weiss as they pointed toward each other.

" I have a strong feeling that those two will become close friends." said Noctis to Yang.

" Good. I thought that I was the only one." said Yang as she smiled at him.

" Anyway, the Ice Queen has a point. We should rest for tomorrow." said Nctis as he separated the two girls.

As that was happening, Blake smiled at her friend and than blew toward her candle as dakrness took over the room.


As Noctis opened his eyes, the raven faunus felt something on his body and looked only to see Blake, sleeping with her head against his chest along with Yang, while Ruby and Weiss were sleeping next to his hip.

" Huh, I think that they just argued till both of them fell to sleep." said Noctis as he began to move, making the four girls to open their eyes.

" Good morning. Had a good sleep last night?" asked Noctis with a smirk, making the four girls to blush after they saw their position

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