I miss home.....

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/your pov\

"Sorry kiddo I'm not your mommy or daddy-" he said "why are you still up?" He asked me looking down at me.

   "Sorry, uncle shiro. Did I wake you?" I asked looking at him, as he walked over too me and kneeled down to my height.

  "No, no, I was already up. But I was wondering why you woke up so early, It's 4:30. So why are you up?" He asked looking at me. Truth is I haven't slept all night. So I looked at him I was gonna cry....

   "I haven't slept yet.... I tried to sleep with mommy, couldn't, then I tryed to sleep with daddy, couldn't. I came here to train, I beat level seven in the sim, so then when nobody came to get me, I started playing with purple. I think it's becuse mommy, daddy, and I always sleep together mommy by the wall daddy by the outside and me in the middle! It's always like that unless daddy's hurt or on a mission." I explaind and he looked at me a little weird. But then said something really weird!

   "Why would daddy be the only one hurt or on a mission?" He asked, is he joking? He was the one who told mommy to stop piloting a lion. And that was almost 6 years ago!

   "Mommy doesn't pilot a lion anymore so he can always be with me! He can still fly one but he doesn't unless it's and emergency!" I said he look really worried after that.

/shiro's pov\

   "Mommy doesn't pilot a lion anymore so he can always be with me! He can still fly one but he doesn't unless it's and emergency!" She said, I looked at her worried. She grew up where Keith was always home. We're going to earth soon and it'll be really dangerous. Frik. (Dads gotta be pg) maybe she can ride with him? Er something? I was pulled from my thoughts by small snores. She fell asleep.

/later that morning Lances pov\

  Today we head back to earth! I can't wait to see my family! I walked to the bridge keith had ____ with him she was asleep? It's like 12pm though? I walked over to allura. No way was that kid related to me. I mean I'm with allura! I mean like not with with... but I'm asking her out on earth! But she's definitely related to Keith. She has a galra marking on her face just like him. She probably has one on the other side too. After all I don't know for sure since her bangs cover it. Half her face was covered in thick black hair. Makes you wonder whats under her hair though.... "PALIDIANS TOO YOUR LIONS!!!!!" Shiro yelled as we all ran to our liones. Keith left ____ with shiro. And ran off to his lion

  /later now having to blow up the castle so now there getting everything still lances pov\

   We where getting everything ready to have the castle blown up- we've lived here for a few months now its going to be hard, to have to leave it so soon. We sorted everone into liones, and left.

   /after pidge gets stuck with everyone other then _____ and they need to stop by the space mall Keith's pov\

  _____ was still asleep in my lap well I flew my lion, but then a argument started- we where on our way to a mall or something. Out of no where everyone started yelling! Of course this woke up ______ and she started to cry. I set black into auto pilot, and cradled her in my arms (shhh your having a bonding moment XD) and well she was crying I moved her hair out of her eye. "Oh my-" was all I said looking down at her. There where-

  "Everything okay Keith?" Shiro asked.

   "Yeah you sounded surprised." Hunk added.

   "Y-yeah, everything is perfect.... ummm- Just-" I was cut off by _____

   "Mommy? Whats wrong? Did I do something?" She asked tears swelling in her purple and blue eyes. Blue.... witch means she might just be- but the marking under her eye was- and- I hugged her a little closer.

    "Nothings wrong, and you didn't do anything wrong cupcake." Wtf did I just say?!?! Lance burts out laughing.... f***! I never told anyone this before but.... I-I really like lance.

  /at the mall your pov\

I took mommys hand and dragged him off, I had a few dollors on me since- I stopped walking..... I shook my head and started to walk again. I pointed at a small shop in the mall, it didn't sell much but, it had hair ties, and a clip. "Mom? Whats earth like?" I asked.

  "Well its really pretty I guess, and we cant stay long so that sucks. But its a cool place!" Was all he said

   /after shopping\

  Me and mommy were waiting for the others at the fountain, I was putting his hair up like how he showed me, back home- my eyes filled with tears and I started to silently cry... I finished mommy's hair. I miss home... back when mommy and daddy hung out.... where dad didn't flirt with 'the princess'. All of it.... I just wanna go home.... mommy hugged me close as I cried and he took me to get icecream just beside the fountain.

   /after icecream\

   Mommy was taking a purple hair tie and pulling back my hair leaving my bangs, I normally wouldn't ask this but I'll do it today "can you put my bangs up too?" I asked. He just nodded and pulled them back into the low ponytail. Uncle shiro showed up first he asked mommy samething and he just nodded. But then I saw it..... daddy and 'the princess' walking back holding hands. Not in a friends way though. Like how mommy and daddy do! "Hey why are Lance and Allura holding hands?" Uncle shiro asked

   "LANCE ASKED ALLURA OUT AND SHE SAID YES!!!!" Hunk and Pidge yelled excited.

   I lost it, I started sobbing. I want to go home. NOW!!! Suddenly the otheres all gasped. I was sobbing and the altean mark under my eye was glowing, I was going galra. On the left is a galra mark and the right a altean one. I was so angry at this point I couldn't take it, I looked at LANCE and said one word. "BASTARD!!!!" I screamed and ran off crying I heard mom and uncle shiro yell my name, but I kept running.

   /mommy's pov\

  "DUDE WHAT THE F***?!?!?!" I screamed, I was so mad "WHAT THE HELL WHERE YOU THINKING?!?!?!" I ran after ____ they where all taken aback exept shiro, I was crying at this point. I was looking for _____ everywhere I couldn't find her, anywhere. I heard A noise, it sounded like one of the liones! I ran over too the liones and blacks sheild was up. I sat on the ground leaning againt the shield, and closed my eyes, and I could hear everything they where talking about.

(In the minds of Keith, _____, and black)

"HEY BLACK!!! wanna hear a story??? Its about mommy and daddy!" She asked

"Sure young one" the lion replied

"SO we would always get ready forn Christmas around now... I got to put the star on! And we where all having so much fun when- when daddy.... and the others had to go..... me and mommy-  but when he got home! We did some stuff, er there was this time when we where watching a movie! But dad- I know! Mommy and daddy and me where hanging out and playing when he got called to a drill.... and..... I..... but we always train together with mommy!!!! Everyday! I'm really good! One day I'm gonna be a paladin too! Mommy always said I could do it if I put in the work. We all sleep together, I can't sleep with out them, and I- I wanna go home..... Black I don't like the universe, I like MY universe!!! Where mommy and daddy love each other and its just..... I miss them so much!" She cried out, she lay there half asleep crying. Black let the sheild down just enough for Keith to run in well the otheres ran up to the lion yelling for him and _____.


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