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{Rebecca's pov}

"Thank you."

I said to the man who helped me lay my suitcase In the boot of the taxi that was supposed to take me to my father's estate.

Settled inside the taxi, I took off my glasses as it began to move, I actually wanted to see everything at the same time, I haven't been to Orlando since I was five, and everything here had changed from how I remembered it.

I came back for my sister's wedding, and once it was done, I'd have to fly back to New York city because of my restaurant business.

I haven't seen anywhere yet but I was beginning to miss the place already.

"You don't look like you're from around here?" The taxi driver asked, glancing at me from his mirror.

I gave a small smile. "I actually am, but I don't stay around."

"Oh, Orlando's a beautiful place." The taxi driver smiled.

"I can see that." I returned the smile politely.

I looked through the window and indeed, Orlando was a very beautiful place, it also looked busy, I wonder if my father's estate has changed- how will he react when he sees me?

Worry clouded my cheerful face. My Dad and I weren't exactly the best of buddies.

Sixteen years ago, my Mom and Dad went through a heartbreaking divorce and my dad begged me to stay with him and my sister, but I couldn't leave my mom at a time like that, so I decided to stay with my mom.

Mom was heart broken for some time, but soon she got over it but she never dated, she and I managed the restaurant business, I tried to convince her to come with me but she said and I quote. "Someone's got to manage the business.
You go, give April my best wishes." I knew my mom was scared that April wouldn't want her there but I was quite sure that April would be glad to have four of us at the wedding.

The Taxi started to jerk forward with a little force, "Is everything okay?" I asked the taxi driver.

"Err, not really, the car's about to break down." The man gave a nervous laugh.

Finally, he parked the car Infront of a busy shop, actually we were still in the busy streets. "Is it serious?" I asked him.

"Not really, I'll check it out, and then we'll be outta here in no time." The man assured, getting down from the car.

I gave a small sigh and relaxed back on my seat, I looked through the window, scanning the environment, actually, we were Infront of a flower shop and my eyes were pinned on a beautiful girl of about three, who played with the flowers Infront of the shop, her Ponytails blew freely all over her face due to the wind, a small smile played on my lips.

The sight was beautiful, I could see her mom smiling down at her, but she was soon distracted by a costumer who came for some flowers.

I continued to watch the small girl who clearly reminded me of me, I loved flowers, sixteen years ago, my dad made a garden for April and I, April was actually seven by then, she took care of me anytime mom decided to leave the house. we were really close... When April contacted me few weeks ago, I was so glad that she at least remembered me. She also asked me to convince mom to be available. Well, we all know how that played out-

I was brought out of my train of thoughts when I saw the small girl crying, and her knee was bleeding, apparently, the man in a suit knocked her off her feet and never bothered to turn around to see if the girl was injured or not, the man had guards around him.

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