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Aubrey held her phone, beaming at it as the screen illuminated with Calum's text message. They had exchanged numbers earlier on the bus.

No one was home currently, just Aubrey, Lana the Hamster, and Aubrey's phone. She had no idea where Ashton was, and their parents were out to dinner for their anniversary.

calum in the hood: u seriously havent heard of all time low

calum in the hood: i'm going to chop ur pretty lil head off

calum in the hood: isn't ur brother into them

Across the other side of town, Calum was laying across his bed, feet swinging off the side. Green Day was playing on his stereo, blaring Dookie. (that's a green day album u uncultured swine)

So far, the first month of school had been boring and lonely: no friends, nothing to do after school. All his friends from Melbourne had barely visited him in Sydney. Fuck them, he thought, I've got Aubrey. And possibly her brother. Ashton had spoke to him briefly before, and he seemed pretty friendly.

aubrey: yeah, but he just listens to it in his room.

aubrey: u got a pretty head urself there mister

"Holy shit, Lana." Aubrey commented to the spotty hamster in her iron cage. "I'm awful at flirting."

Lana continued eating her feed and running around on her wheel. Aubrey wished she could be a hamster sometimes, too. Hamsters had an easy life where they didn't have to worry about text-flirting with cute boys. Also they could sleep whenever the fuck they wanted.

If reincarnation was a thing, Aubrey wanted to come back as a hamster.

calum in the hood: pretty sure ur head is prettier.

Calum mentally slapped himself in the face and groaned. He. Was. So. Awkward.

aubrey: oh my god we're terrible at this.

She regretted the text the minute she sent it. Terrible at what? Flirting? Were they in a flirtatious relationship? Did they like each other? Aubrey threw her phone down her bed, grabbed a squash of comforter, and waited in fear for his reply.

calum in the hood: i'm so awkward i'm sorry i just rly like you

Calum threw his phone on the floor and paced around the room. Shit, He thought, I just told her I liked her. Shit.

Aubrey removed the comforter from her face as her phone dinged. Across the lock screen (a picture of Lana del Rey as a blondie. So beautiful), was a text from calum in the hood.

She pumped her fists as she read it. HE LIKED HER!

aubrey: thank god u were the first one to say that i could never do that i really like you too

Calum turned up the radio even louder to mask his screams of excitement from his mother.

aubrey: i'm such a teenage girl i'm sorry

calum in the hood: i'm such a teenage girl too it's okay

Aubrey giggled, and changed his contact name to cal ♡.

cal : i'm sending u all time low's full album

cal : what's ur itunes

Aubrey gave it to him, so he could give a gift over iTunes. Put Up Or Shut Up starting downloading in her library.

aubrey: that's really sweet thank u

cal : text me when u finish it xx

Aubrey got her headphones and clicked on Coffee Shop Soundtrack, letting the feeling of mushy-gushy love shit fill her.

hey that was okay


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