Chapter 6- realization

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-small time skip of a week-

Jasmine-*sits down at her desk full of files about Aaron and Gracie* *looks up at her board of pictures of Gracie and Aaron as Jay stand in the Background typing away at his computer, trying to add up why Aaron and Gracie are the same even though they aren't related*

Jay-I think i found the answer *looks up at jasmine and shows her a news report from 16 years ago about a strange light around the same time Gracie was born*

Jasmine-Oh My GAWD!

(they decided to keep it to themselves until its time and they think they have all the research they need

-time skip-

Vanessa-*is hanging out with phoenix in the school cafeteria*

Jay-*sits next to them as jasmine grabs some food* Hi.....


Jay- so I have to leave for a bit.... My Dad wants me to visit. So imma do that. Probably wont be back for a while (a chapter or two)

Vanessa- ohh wish you would have told me sooner

Jay-*tilts his head* Why?

Gracie-*dresses as a guy again for fun**mumbles* "hehe maybe they'll think I'm Aaron"*tries to find everyone else**sees jasmine and walks over to her**in a guy voice* wassup

Jasmine- Hi Gracie. *grabs an apple*

Aaron-*dresses up like gracie*

Gracie *dressed as a guy*- * confused face*

Jasmine-*looks at Gracie bored like* i know its you... i promise not to tell the others. I'll let you have your fun today.

Gracie-umm no she's over there*pionts to Aaron dresses like her*

Aaron*dressed as a girl*-*walks threw the door**in a girl voice that pretty much sounds like Gracie cause they almost sound the same anyways*hey guys


*aaron and Gracie are going to be like this unless I say they changed back*

Aaron-so you and Vanessa are a thing now sorry I wasn't around when the thing happened like everyone else..

Jasmine-*walks over to the table to see if 'it' was telling the truth* HMMMMMMMmmmmmm *takes a bite of the Apple and turns to Aaron* sorry bro. I thought Gracie was plating tricks.

Fake Aaron (Gracie)-it's cool bro

Fake gracie(Aaron)- *walks over to fake aaron* hey guys

Jasmine- Hey!


Fake Aaron- bet you a dollar I can sound exactly like gracie haha

Jasmine- *pulls out a dollar* BET! *slams the dollar down*

Fake Aaron-*goes back to normal voice* hey guys

Jasmine-*grabs 20 dollar bills and throws them at Aaron* DDDDAAAAMNN BOIIII!!!

Fake Aaron-*takes money* *guy voice again*pleasure doin business with yah

Fake Gracie- hey I bet I can sound just like Aaron! I want money too...

Jasmine-*looks at Gracie* i gave all my money away bro.... Im poor now.

Fake Gracie -it's cool

Fake Aaron and Gracie- *both walk out to go back to dorms*

Real Aaron-your such a Lyon bitch you know that

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