Tonight- Minilan

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Lachlan's P.O.V.

Simon took my hand, his fingers warm and the palm of his hand rough to the touch. He was smiling and relaxed, happy that we could have a night to ourselves on our fifth anniversary and just, bask in each others warmth, side by side for the night.

He was taking me out on a date for our anniversary, to a drive in movie theatre where we would be watching the new Avengers film. A drive in movie theatre was a place where you could take your car and watch the movie in it, on a giant outdoor screen.

Both of us were in casual clothing, sweaters and trackpants, and because we would be in the privacy of our car, we didn't have to worry about anything. We had bought snacks the day before, chips and lollies and we had ordered pizza to pick up just before the movie.

"You ready to go?" He asked, a smile plastered on his face.

"Yeah." I pulled a beanie down over my head, the night outside colder than normal and I wanted to stay warm. Simon peeked my cheek, waiting for me before we both went down the stairs.

Vikk peaked his around the kitchen door and grinned at me, giving me a suggestively wink. I rolled my eyes and poked my tongue out at him like a child, waiting while Simon pulled his shoes on and had a silent battle with Vikk at the same time.

Simon reached out and took my hand again, snorting when he saw Vikk.

"You two are so childish." I wrapped my arms around his shoulders.

"You're the one who fell in love with this child though!" I bounced up and down, feeling press a light kiss to the back of my hand.

"True, true." I smiled to myself.

We had been together for 5 years, pretty much since the first time that Vikk had introduced us, and something between us had clicked. After a little while of getting to know each other, a few months, and on my second visit to London he asked me out on a date, which was amazing.

So we became an official couple, and after 3 years of a long distance relationship I moved into the Sidemen house, taking our relationship to another level.

The drive to the theatre was almost silent, some quiet music playing in the background, so quietly that I didn't actually know what song was playing. Simon's hand was in mine, his fingers tracing up and down my palm gently.

We pulled into the theatre and found a spot right in the middle, a little way back but it was a good spot. We kicked our feet back, waiting for the movie to start and starting to snack on the pizza before it started to grow cold.

"You warm enough Lachy?" I nodded, leaning over to rest my head on Simon's shoulder.

"Yeah." He wrapped his arm around my waist, securing me right next to him, ready for what I already knew would be an emotional movie. I had seen some spoilers and was prepared to cry.


"That was so sad!" I cried out, throwing my arms up in the air. "Why did he do that! Why did it have to end there! Now we have to wait til next year!"

Simon was glancing at me every few seconds, driving back home, grinning. He knew that emotional movies got me and he had comforted me while I cried, mad that most of my favourite characters had bit the dust. (hue hue hue)

I ranted pretty much the whole way home that I didn't even realise we weren't actually going home until we were in an area I didn't recognise.

"Simon- where are we going? I thought we were going home..." He smiled.

"You'll see Lachy, it a surprise. It's our anniversary, I wanted to do something more special than just go to a movie and hang out for the afternoon." I smiled. I didn't realise we were doing something more, I thought it would just be like a typical date even though it was a special day.

I looked out the window, now silent. I couldn't think of any more to say about the movie, I had said enough by ranting about how much I hated marvel for playing with my feelings like that.

As I watched buildings pass by outside I saw that we were heading slightly into London, as the Sidemen house was well on the outskirts. It was just past 8 o'clock and because it was summer, the sun was about an hour away from setting.

I figured that we were going to watch the sunset somewhere, but where I didn't quite know. After about half an hour we pulled up outside a park, flowers still blooming beautiful despite it being mid summer and I felt happy, Simon taking my hand when we stepped out into the warm air.

The air was stuffy and a little warm and Simon took my hand, leading me down a small path to a the banks of a small river. It was quiet and as we sat down on the grassy banks, I leaned my head onto his shoulder and he wrapped an arm around me.

"Love you Lachy." He whispered, pressing a light kiss to my forehead. I smiled, kissing him back, knowing he would get the message.

We sat in silence for a quite a while, just watching sunset over the hills until the world around us turned orange, pink and yellow, reflecting on the water around us. Simon was warm and it was comforting leaning up against him.

The sun was only half visible over the horizon when Simon stood up, taking me by the hand. I was a little confused, at least until he pulled me right down to the waters edge and pulled a little black velvet box out of his pocket, opening it so I could see it.

Inside was a beautiful silver ring, with a big pink diamond in the middle and several other smaller diamonds around the outside.

My hand went to my mouth and my heart started racing, my knees weak. He smiled at me.

"Lachlan Power, we've been together for 5 years now and we've been through a lot. You've taught me so many things in those years and I promise to love you for the rest of our lives. I love you from the bottom of my heart so Lachlan," he got down on one knee, "will you marry me?"

I nodded, not even able to speak. The tears were already starting to fall down my cheeks, happy tears, but they blurred my vision and I didn't even realise when Simon wrapped his arms around me, letting me burying my head in his shoulder.

"Hey, hey, you don't need to cry!"

"I- I know!" I sobbed, wiping my eyes again. "But- they're happy tears!"

He pulled away a little, using his thumb to wipe my eyes.

"I assume that's a yes?" He said, gently.

"Yes. Of course it's a yes." I whispered, finally looking back up at him.

He gently wiped away the tears again, rubbing his thumb across my cheek. He lifted my left hand up and slipped the ring onto it, it fit perfectly and was the right size, and for a few minutes we just looked at it.

When I looked up I saw that Simon also had tears in his eyes, and he placed one hand on my cheek and leaned in for a kiss. The kiss was slow and gentle, loving and full of emotion and we held it for quite a while, not wanting to pull away.

When we did pull away he kept his hand on my cheek, his eyes staring right into mine.

"I love you Lachy." He whispered, twisting the ring on my finger gently.

"I love you too Simon." I whispered back. "Thank you."

And with one last kiss we watched the last sliver of sunlight slip over the horizon, our lives changed forever.

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