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"What do you mean b-babe?" Baekhyun questioned, his face losing its color as seconds passed by. Luhan felt sorry for his poor best friend, sending him an apologetic look, but shortly after, sending a fierce glare at the giant.

"Uhhhh-well the thing is, Baek, uhhh is that-"

"Chanyeol and I are dating." Jimin spoke out for him, causing the brunet to lose his breathe, the information clogging the mechanisms in his poor brain. With wide eyes, he quickly takes a look at the latter, hoping to hear from him and validate the truth.

Chanyeol nods his head timidly, causing Baekhyun's heart to shudder against his chest wildly.

"Yeah, I asked Jimin out this morning and he said yes." He nervously stated, sending a small smile to the petite blond sitting next to him. As Chanyeol lifted his eyes towards Kyungsoo, the latter narrowed his eyes before mouthing a silent I'm going to fucking kill you.

Why does my chest hurt so much?

"Wait, you were with Jimin this morning?" Chanyeol froze from the sudden question and faced his best friend, his gut wretching from his stares.

Why does it hurt?

"Yeah, Baek. I'm sorry, but I needed to do this today. I'll make it up to you, don't worry.

Is it because Chanyeol is dating someone?

"Are you serious?"

"I've been wanting to ask Jimin our for quite sometime and I had the chance this morning. Please don't be mad." He pleaded, pouting slightly as his heart was beating erratically.

It hurts because he didn't tell me.

Yeah, that's why it hurts so much.

Baekhyun shakes his head before looking up at the giant. "I'm not mad at you for that, you inconsiderate nuisance. I can't believe you hid this from me-your own fucking best friend." He exclaims, shaking his head at disappointment, but Chanyeol was stunned at his reaction because he was not expecting this kind of response.

"Wait, what?"

"Jimin, sorry for the excessive cursing, but my so called best friend here decided that he would keep a huge secret from me. We've promised each other when we were little that we would keep no secrets, but Chanyeol here decided he would be a asshat and do just that." Jimin shakes his head, a giggle escaping from his lips, encouraging the brunet to continue on.

"Aren't you ashamed of calling me your best friend, you prick?!" He grabs ahold of Chanyeol's ear, twisting it rather painfully, eliciting a painful yelp from the latter.

"Baek! I'm sorry-god, it hurts. Let my poor ear go. Please!" He shrieked, pushing the brunet off slightly to tend to his now red, aching ear.

"I cannot believe you hid such a big secret from me!We share everything together, you asshole!" With each menacing sentence sent towards the giant, his poor ear was twisted roughly my his best friends dainty fingers.

"Jimin, help me! He's gonna rip my ear off." He pleads at his boyfriend, but the blonde watches in amusement.

Luhan comes to the rescue and pulls Baekhyun off, flicking his forehead to let go of Chanyeol's ear. The brunet grumbles under his breath before sending a scowl at the taller.

"Wow, Chanyeol. This is so unexpected-you got together with Park Jimin, the new kid." Sehun states out loud, causing Chanyeol to nervously scratch the back of his head as Baekhyun narrows his eyes at him.

"I'm right here, plus I'm not that new. It's been a couple of months-I think I've surpassed the being the new kid phase." Jimin smartly remarks, causing the blond to chuckle in response.

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