Douche In A Suit(L.H)

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"You know this is the part most girls would be thanking me! I just saved your life, I could get some gratitude," He sneered wailing his hands for more expression as I roll my eyes continuing to walk.

"Thank you for over exaggerating a situation and ruining my date. I am forever in debt to you," I say fakely adding a bow to top it off.

"You're so dramatic," He mumbles.

"Really? I"m not the one living a fairy tale! I don't go around and expect people worshiping the ground I walk on. I don't expect to do whatever I want and have no responsibilities! I can actually remember when I had to pay for something myself, do you?" I snap as he groaned.

"I told you I paid for my plane ticket last week!" He growled as I turned around completely just annoyed with him, and his presence.

"Seriously? Please get away and stop following me?" I mutter turning on my heels and walking forward.

"You're the one following me! You needed a tour guide, how are you going to find your hotel?" He asked as I stopped in my tracks. This was going to be one hell of a month.

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