Chapter 3-Boys night in (BUT NO GAY SHIT)

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Jay- this is Aaron's bed in our shared dorm....and i sleep in there *points to the closet, then points to a desk* and that's my desk *points to a book bag and a small chest* and thats my shit.


Jay-*nods* i don't care either....i'll go back to being quiet.

Phoenix-so what happened with you today?

Jay-*looks confused* What do you mean?

Aaron- i think he means with that thicc chic, you almost fucked her didnt you bro! XDDD

Jay-*raises an eyebrow and smirks* ayyyyy

Aaron- *gasps* *higher pitched version of his voice* YOU DID BRO DIDNT YOU hahaha!

Jay-you know iittttt

Aaron- you're such a man whore bro XD

Jay-*shrugs* i mean you remember how many girls i had at our last school bro? There was Sydney, there was savannah, and a few others. I could never hold a relationship..... Except when i dated dasie,...

Phoenix-wow good for you man

Jay-*stays quiet and holds up a thumb*

Phoenix-how do you do it tho like how are you good with girl

Jay-*smirks* well, first you get them to talk to you, then you ask them about themselves, then start flirting...... *starts making hand jesters* then you slip your hand in um spoken places, but you have to make sure you've talked and flirted enough for her to be wet. And BAM! You got yourself a quickie, or a good f**k

Phoenix-oh really that works?

Jay- *nods* yeah, just ask Jasmine.

Phoenix-okay... I think i will never be able to do that...

Jay-*shrugs* that's okay man, you do what YOU think will get you girls. Not everyone has the same strategy.

Phoenix-I know that I just don't think I will find anyone

Jay-Hmmmm *smiles* what about Vanessa?

Phoenix-Well I don't know... Maybe *blushes a little bit*

Jay-*sits down on the floor* yeah.... Well i think you guys would look good together.


Jay-*nods and reaches under Aarons bed, grabbing a hidden stash of coke bottles (already opened)* yes really.

Phoenix-*smiles* thanks!

Jay-*points to the coke bottles* your welcome... want one?

Phoenix-Sure! *grabs one*

Jay-*also grabs one and slides the rest under Aarons bed and starts drinking it*

Phoenix-So aaron what have you done with the ladies?

Jay-*raises an eyebrow and looks over at Aaron giggling* Yeah Aaron?

Aaron- oh that's right I haven't told you guys anything yet have I? *smirks* hehe... BITCH DID YOU STEAL MY COKES?!?!

Jay- *keeps drinking the laced coke, nodding*


Jay-*stops drinking the coke and looks at Aaron* Phoenix has one to

Phoenix-*about do drink* I shouldnt drink this then?

Jay- *shakes head* nah bro. Not unless you want to get fucked uuuuuupp *tips head back and drinks the rest of the whiskey coke*

Aaron- okay so we were talking about fooling arond with ladies yah?

Jay- Yep *throws bottle across the room*

Aaron- *runs over and grabs the bottle* *hangs bottles from cieling like he has done to the other ones* oof lookin pretty gucci


Aaron- so what do you guys think i've done huh?..

Jay-*looks at Aaron still giggling a bit* well you probably suck dick on the low.

Aaron- i mean.. Your not wrong.. Hey phoenix ever got your dick sucked before?

Jay-*mumbles* i'v sucked dick, and i've had my dick sucked.... Not at the same time tho thats gay.

Aaron- *sarcastic voice* yes because sucking dick isnt gay at alll

Jay- *blushes* i'm not gay... i'm bisexual...... i think there's a difference??..... WHAT? NO WAY!

Aaron- straight.... And yes way!

Jay- OH! *stands up and walks into the closet, only to come out with a bat* Who are you? You can't be Aaron. You must be a GOD.

Aaron- just because i sucked dick doesnt make me gay right?...

Jay-*shakes head, making his hair move around* Fuck no. I've sucked plenty of dick. And i'm not gay. Hey. remember when you came over to my house last year and around 10 guys were leaving?

Aaron- yeah.., i just figured you were having a gay orgie

Jay-*shrugs* well yeah. But i wasn't in it.... I mean i just "cleaned" them off when they were done. See, they needed a place to have it and my mom was out of town and i was like... ya know?

Aaron- meh i just sucked dick for a bag of hot cheetos

Jay- thats not as bad as why i sucked dick back in 8th grade...

Jay- Hell yeah. I just ate out jasmine yesterday. But i didn't ask her out. .... Well i don't know if shes sore. And i've done stuff like that plenty of times. Dasie loved it.

Jay-...... Have you ever ate ass?

Aaron- no that's gross *gags cause he accidentally imagined it*

Jay- *shrugs and reaches under the bed again and grabs another coke* you should try it.

It sends girls over the edge. *opens the laced coke and takes a drink*

Aaron- *starts to get a bit angry cause jay keeps drinking his cokes* *walks out of the room*

Jay-*watches Aaron walk out and curses under breath* damn. I did it again. Another one bites the dust.

Aaron- *walking down the hall*

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