Chapter 2-Nightly Talks

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Venessa-*brushes her hair* Sooo.. Like welcome to my dorm room.

Jasmine-*looks around, standing awkwardly* it's very pretty Nessa.

Gracie- yeah but i need a unicorn to be satisfied *pulls out giant stuffed unicorn from her

Bag and puts it on her bed* thats better...

Jasmine- *nods and reaches into her own bag and pulls out a knuckles pillow* i need to know the way.

Vanessa-Anyway... Let's learn about each other

Gracie- ok, but first can i just say you look a hella lot like Phoenix

Vanessa-Well I guess I kinda look like him

Gracie- so umm you got some chesticals there don't cha' *points to shirt*

Jasmine-*insterupts like always* BRAAHH i got fucin cookie crums on my laptop. *looks up at yall* oops sorry.. Continue.

Gracie- so jasmine... what did you and jay do huh... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Jasmine- do you really want to know?...

Gracie- yes.., yes I do..

Vanessa- I want to know too

Jasmine- *nods and grabs my meme pillow and sits on the floor* okay girls. Grab your pillows and gather around. It's story time.

Vanessa-Okay *grabs her anime breast bean bag chair and sets down in it*

Gracie-*grabs her unicorn* Okay

Jasmine- Okay bitches its gonna get heated *wink*

Gracie- you fucked didnt you *gigles*

Jasmine- What? *looks confused* no. i still have my V card. Bro. you nasty.

Vanessa-Oh well im shocked so this might be lame.

Gracie- I was just kidding lol

Jasmine- but we almost fucked. There is a difference ladies.

Vanessa-I can't relate but I want know what happened then

Jasmine- I'm getting to that part nessa, so i pulled him away and went back to the library and we started reading some lemons. We had talked about them earlier in the corner so we started sharing our favorites.... Well i did most of the talking. But after about 30 min he slipped his hand in my pant. Yada blah yada blah. You don't want to hear the rest. *hugs meme pillow and shrugs*

Vanessa- Wow. lucky..

Jasmine- Am i? We aren't dating.... *huffs*

Gracie- then ask him out and say the rest!!?

Vanessa-Yea do that!!

Jasmine- *raises eyebrow* say the rest or ask him out nessa?


Jasmine- okay. So he slipped his hand in my pants and... well there isnt a less nasty word. But he started fingering me under table in the library.


Jasmine- yeah.. Some other things happened but. You don't want to hear ir. *blushes and hides face in meme pillow*

Gracie- at school? Did anybody see you? Tell us more !?!?

Jasmine- yes it was in school and I don't think anybody saw us. We were in the back of the library. And well when i finished. To simply put it. I gave him a blow job. *shrugs*

Jasmine- Eehh *blushes* can we just get to know each other? And i don't mean our sex lives.

Gracie- I thought that's what we were doing just now lol

Vanessa-but anyway yeah i haven't done anything like that.

Gracie- mmhmm.. Sureee.. lol.

Jasmine- lets play 20 questions. Or something... anything to stop talking about our sex lives and actually get to know one another.

Vanessa-okay then.. gracie ask me ask me a question!

Gracie- ok.., have you ever done any dirty things with a boy or girl?

Vanessa-No I haven't..

Jasmine- Not yet at least *winks* haha

Vanessa-What do you mean

Gracie- but you said that you could relate earlier

Jasmine- Grace, she took it back. And i mean... you and phoenix. *wink wonk*

Vanessa: *blushes and says this nervously* but like we just met and we don't even know each other

Gracie- so did Jay and Jasmine haha *wink wink*

Jasmine- i know that girl, but that doesn't mean you can't get to know each other. *winks with both eyes* now someone ask me something. I can answer anything.

Vanessa- are you gonna ask jay out?

Jasmine-..... No comment *holds hand up in a stop motion*

Vanessa-oh okay then

Jasmine- *mumbles under breath* i might ask him out.... Later.

Gracie- oooo later.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *wink wink*

Jasmine- *sighs and throws her meme pillow at gracie*

Gracie- GAHH *falls over*c c

Vanessa-hey umm earlier did phoenix look up my skirt?

Jasmine- *looks over at vanessa after throwing dat meme pillow* yes. And by the look on his face. He liked what he saw *wink wonk*

Vanessa-*blushes * really?

Jasmine- Yass gurl, he wanted the V

Vanessa- *hides her face in her bean bag chair*

Jasmine- *pulls phone out and snaps a picture of vanessa hiding her face in anime tits* noice angle *gives a thumbs up and puts phone away*

Vanessa-*says curse words but they are muffled*

Jasmine- *laughs and looks over at gracie* gurl. You good?

Gracie- i've been attacked by a pillow... oof... gucci...

Jasmine- a knuckles pillow. *grabs pillow* hey nessa, dont fall asleep in those boobs. Might Be uncomfortable

Vanessa-*gives a thumbs up*

Gracie- *stays laying on the floor*

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