chapter 1- the meeting

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Gracie- so I heard that there are some new kids

Jasmine- really?

Phoenix- *sees the girl*😲

Aaron- hey there's people~

Jay- *just stays silent*

Vanessa- *sees the guy*😲

Aaron- *walks up to Gracie* wassup

Gracie- * turns around and looks at Aaron* oh, hi...Are you the new kids?

Phoenix and Vanessa- *runs to each other* you're the person from my dreams!!

Aaron and Gracie- tbh I thought that was bullshit

Jay and Jasmine- same...

Aaron- ok soo... Like... WHAT THE FUCK VANESSA!? Might as well just run me over why don't cha'

Gracie- pfft haha *dose that weird fuckin donkey laugh of hers* (I will draw a small donkey in the text bubble)

Aaron- *responds with the same stupid laugh*aa

Jay and Jasmine- *walk up to each other and shake hands* Nice to meet ya/ you

Jasmine- *lets go of his hand and looks at the other 4* weird

Jay- *nods and stays silent*

Jasmine- you don't talk much do you?

Jay- *shakes head* nope

Aaron- I DO!!!

Jay-*stares at him kinda bored like* we know....

Aaron- good! You should know!...

Jay-*nods awkwardly and stays quiet*...

Gracie- so jasmines single what about you mr.i don't know your name *points at Jay*

Jay- *looks over at jasmine then Gracie and shrugs*.......

Gracie- so like what's your guyses names in Gracie!

Aaron- my names Aaron, wassup

Phoenix and Vanessa- *talks about weeb shit in the corner*

Aaron-*yells nigsuck* *does that weird laugh of his and almost falls over*

Gracie- *does her weird laugh and almost falls over too*

Jasmine-*makes a weird face* uhhhh. Y'all okay?...

Gracie- *high pitched squeak laugh* ya- *squeak* yeah

Jasmine-*nods and walks away* okay.... Well imma go...uh play on my phone. See ya!

Jay-*sits on the floor and watches everyone quietly*

Gracie- *yells to jasmine* nigga where ya going

Jasmine-*yells from another room* to play on my phone bitch! Damnnnnnnn gurllll.

Aaron- ooooo haha

Phoenix-*conversing with Venessa about dreams he's had with her*

Venessa-*blushes and talks about her dreams as well*

Aaron-*finally takes off hoodie*

Gracie-* has a confused look on her face*

Gracie-* walks over to jasmine* *whispers* umm... Aaron kinda looks familiar look..

Jasmine-*pokes head around the corner and looks at aaron*..... Yeah... he looks like you kinda..what the hell...

Gracie- * starts to freak out a bit* I'm sure its just a coincidence.. Hehe.. heh...

Jasmine- *raises an eyebrow and looks at Gracie with a sassy look* really?..

Gracie-*walks back over to Aaron*

Jay- *tilts head and stands back up, walking over to Venessa pointing at her cheeks, silently laughing*

Jay-*stops laughs and whispers to Venessa, trying not to embarrass her* why are you blushing?

Venessa- Ummmmmmm...*blushes more* i don't know.. Get off my back about it. *crosses arms and looks away*

Jay-*cocks an eyebrow and shrugs then look over to Phoenix* Hi. I'm Jay.

Phoenix- hi im Phoenix

Jay- Nice to meet you. *looks around and finds somewhere to sit*

Phoenix- yea it is

Gracie-*sits in a corner and starts texting logan*

Gracie-*looks over to Phoenix and Vanessa* hey phoenix read her shirt! Haha

Phoenix-*looks at shirt* huh..hehaha

Vanessa-*blushes* um my eyes are up here!?!?!

Phoenix- oh sorry..

Vanessa-*flicks phoenix*

Jasmine-*comes out of hiding and walks over to where Jay is sitting*

Jasmine & Jay- start talking quietly to each other between some bookshelves stuffed in a corner so no one will hear us*

Aaron-*walks over to Jasmine and jay* hey you two making out over here or something

Gracie- *overhears Aaron* wait what!?!?!

Jasmine and Jay- *both look up blushing but both have poker faces*

Jay- ........... How about you mind yourself bro.

Jasmine- *looks away and picks up a book to hide her face*

Gracie-*walks over to jasmine**does that face that looks like when SpongeBob said you like Krabby patties don't you Squidward*

Jasmine-*coughs and stands up* welp.... I uh... i got to go to class... sooooo. BYE! *picks up stuff and starts running to her next class*

Gracie-*runs after her*

Jay- *huffs and looks at Arron after Gracie and jasmine left*..... I had a chance and you ruined it, bro... it's just like last time. *shakes head an stands up grabbing his school stuff and walks over to Vanessa and Phoenix* hey... We should also get to class.


Jasmine-*notices Gracie is chasing her and runs faster, yelling behind her* I might be big as fuck but that doesn't mean I can't run. *runs into what she thought was the girls restroom*.....

Gracie- *facepalm* *under breath* oh god..

Aaron- jay go in and get her now's your chance to make it better c'mon

Jay-*looks at Aaron and nods put school bag down and goes to open the boy's bathroom door*

Jasmine-*busts through the door, hitting Jay in the face* OMG! Gracie! I ran into the boy's bathroom! So fucking nasty!

Gracie- yah I noticed..*giggles a bit*

Jay-*groans and sits up holding his nose* ..... Ow...

Aaron- hey um jay...I think your nose got its period.. *chuckles*

Jay-*huffs and looks up at Aaron, and glares* yea... I see that.



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