Chapter 13: Soundcheck [/]

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Anaeya got out of the cab, widening her eyes at crowd gathering by the fences

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Anaeya got out of the cab, widening her eyes at crowd gathering by the fences. The boys were taking pictures, signing autographs and talking as they engaged with the fans.

She smiled and head towards gate where a security guard and a few other crew member were standing. She raised her access card as she passed the security guard, greeting the crew.

"Sylvia around?" she questioned. The crew members shrugged, pointing at the stage.

"She's probably backstage with Clara."

"Thanks," she nodded.

Anaeya gave the boys one final glance and walked away. When she reached backstage, no one was there and the boys' dressing room was locked.

Weren't all the boys outside?

She knocked. "Syl? Sylvia, open the door."

Suddenly, the door opened from the inside and some girls stared at her in suprise. She didn't recognize any of them as the crew members. One of them cursed and tried shutting the door.

"Wait!" she shouted, pushing against the door. "Don't! You're not suppose to be here!"

"Please, let us see the boys! We'll leave after we see them! It's my sister's birthday!"

"Alright, I'll bring you to them. J-just.. they're outside! Just open the door."

"No! Get them here!"

Before she know it, the door slammed close and was locked. Anaeya sighed in defeat and decided to look for her friend, the fans in the dressing room just had to wait.

"Ana!" It was Sylvia. The girl ran to her and paused, taking a deep breath. "Where did they go?"

"Who? The boys are outside."

"No, not them. I just checked with the security, some fans didn't leave after the soundcheck."

"They're in here," Anaeya pursed her lips, pointing at the dressing room. "And they're not going anywhere."

"Oh god!" Sylvia uttered. "Where is Clara when we need her? I think she have the key. The boys are busy outside."

"How about you go that way and I'll look for her this way?"

Sylvia nodded, "Fine." They parted ways.

Anaeya walked everywhere, asking around for Clara and no one seemed to know where the lady was.

Backstage. No.

Washroom. No.

Lounge. No.

Anaeya even went on stage to look but no one was around. The seats for the audience were empty, only a thick wire with a handle at the end hanging in the centre of the elevated stage.

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