Chapter 5

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Ashlynn's POV

The bright blue eyes stared into mine. I never thought I'd see them again. "Dixon?" I ask. He was the boy I loved for years. His face didn't change a bit, he still had the same everything I closed my eyes and shook my head, getting back to killing the walkers.

Was I supposed to be happy about this? Daryl was the nicest person to me ever but, on his bad days he would yell at me if I tried to help. I would hate it if he was still like that.

A cry for help snaps me out of my thoughts. Glenn stood in the middle of about 15 walkers. "Oh shit." I mumble and run to help him. I quickly take down 3 walkers with my knife and then grab two more pushing them to the ground to smash their squishy skulls.

I couldn't believe I was about to say this, "Dixon! A little help over here!?" He nodded his head and ran over to us, immediately taking down a walker with his crossbow. I couldn't believe he still had that piece of crap. He really could use a new one. But it's not like you're gonna find a Hunting Store out in the middle of nowhere.


About an hour and a half later we had finally taken down every walker. Now we were back at the Hotel taking showers. To be honest I never thought I would feel warm water running down my body ever again. I didn't even think I'd ever be able to wash my hair again but, I am and damn it felt nice to be clean.

After I was done I walked onto Glenn's side of the room to find him giving Bradley a bubble bath. The small child was covered with bubbles from head to toe. I let out a little laugh and smiled at him.

"Man he sure does act like his daddy." I said. Glenn nodded his head. "Yeah but he's got his Mommy's brown hair and green eyes. He's Korean but no one would ever guess it. Obviously." He said, laughing a little at the last part.

I bent down on my knees to be eye level with Bradley. "Hey kiddo." I smiled, "Ya, you're gonna be just like your daddy when ya get big and strong."

Bradley let out a loud giggle and splashed a few times in the water. Glenn looked up at me and smiled, I smiled back. I walked out of the room and into to mine. I sighed and walked out onto to the balcony to take in the view only to see walkers surrounding the entrence.

I looked closer, it almost seemed like there was someone taking them down. "Guys!" I yelled, "Walkers down at the entrance!"

I hear Glenn swear and Daryl open and close his hotel room door. I grabbed my hunting knife and pistol before running outside, Glenn close behind. He must've put Bradley down for a nap or something.

Our footsteps echoed through the stairwell. All that was running through my mind was "Who could possibly be down there? Is it someone I know, someone in Glenn's group? My father?"

I saw 3 people. A woman, a man, and a young boy. The woman used a Katana, the man a Python, and the boy a gun with a silencer. After taking a look at the small group, I finally stepped up and started killing walkers. There was only about 10 or 15 of them so it was quick.

"Rick?" Glenn asked, "Man is that really you?!" It was good he was back with more of his group. His family. They all gave each other hugs and handshakes. It was so sweet, I kind off wish I could have that again.

I wish I could see my father again, my mom, Bradley. I wish I could see them all again. Two of them are dead, and one them is god knows where. I sighed getting unwanted attention. I'm not much of a people person.

"Oh by the way guy, this is Ashlynn. She Daryl and I's friend growing up. Ashlynn this is Rick, Carl, and Michonne. They're from my old group." He announced. I smiled at them and gave them a little wave. They all said there "hello's" and after that we all headed back into the hotel. Glenn gave them the key card to a room on the second floor and then they all went to their rooms for showers.

As I walked into my room, I heard the faint mumbling of Bradley waking up. I crept into Glenn's side of the room to find Bradley in the middle of the bed. He was all sprawled out, his thumb in his mouth. I walked in closer to see his eyes flutter open. He slowly sat up, taking his thumb out of his mouth, and rubbing his tired eyes. I smiled at him.

"Hi." he yawned. "Hey Bradley. Did ya have good nap?" I asked. He nodded his head and slid off the bed. "Where's my daddy?" He asked.

"He's downstairs. He should back up here any minute." He nodded his head again this time walking towards me. He tiredly lifted his arms up, obviously trying to tell me he wanted "up". I picked him up and held him close to me. This is what I've always wanted, a little boy and a husband. That's all.


Sorry for the late update. For that you're two chapters this coming Monday. You're welcome :). Hope you like it. Its a little weird but, whatever. this was not edited lol. Oh and btw I changed Bradley's age to only two years old, so that it seems a little more realistic and because I wanted to, hehe.

<3 Terrilynn

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