The Pleasure Bride

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As soon as Skippy got her bed back, she filled Na'amah in on what happened since the sisters parted.

A whirlwind wedding was arranged between her and Noah. It was the talk of towns for miles and miles around. Their mother, Zilla, arrived to assist the bride in preparation for the wedding.

"My daughter," Zilla spoke low as she sponged water onto Skippy's back while she bathed. "The man you are about to marry is descended from the line of Seth. He is known throughout the land as The Righteous One."

"Mother, I am aware."

"Ah, but you must understand that you - we - are from the line of Cain," Zilla whispered the cursed last word. "I have no doubt that your groom is in love with you. He may even cherish you as his wife all the days of his life. But my daughter, take heed. He will never allow you to bear his children, lest he be cursed by God himself."

"Mother, I know. From the moment I was old enough to understand, I have learned the ways to give men pleasure. You taught me to sing and dance. You taught me to excite men's imaginations. I will make an excellent pleasure wife for Noah. He will treasure me above all of his wives. I will guarantee it. I have no need for a child."

"Don't be a fool! You say that now, but there will come a time when you will. When that time comes, I want you to have it as an option. Listen to me and listen well, child."

Three women entered the bathing tent. Zilla quickly changed the topic as the women brought fine fabrics for Skippy to try on after her bath.

"What luxury!" Zilla gushed gaily to the women. "My daughter will be a beautiful bride for Ut-napishtim."

The women bowed. "There is no extravagance too great for Zilla's famous daughter," said one of them before they left the tent. Zilla waited until their shadows disappeared and she was certain no one was eavesdropping.

Quietly, she continued, "During the wedding banquet, Noah's family will attempt to poison you."


"Shhh... It is customary for the groom's family to poison the pleasure bride. This is nothing new. The poison works slowly, allowing the bride to fulfill her wedding night obligations. Some women die within a few days. Some live on for many years but are barren for the rest of their lives. Na'amah, my daughter. Take no food or drink from anyone, I beg you. Remember the trick I taught you from childhood. I will keep watch for you as long as I can."

Zilla assisted Skippy out of her bath and dressed her in several layers of fine white linen draped to flatter her feminine curves. A sheer veil and sparkling jewels crowned her dark locks. Mother and daughter squeezed each others' hands before Skippy headed out to be wed.

The wedding tent was brilliantly lit, with thick tapestries glistening with golden threads. Gifts were piled up along one wall of the tent: rich rugs, fabrics, oils, and incense. Servants walked around with jugs of wine, platters of meat, and bowls of fruit and vegetables to offer the guests. Special plates of food and goblets of wine were presented to the bride and groom.

Before Noah could take one bite of his food, Skippy beguiled everyone with a song and dance in honor of her groom. She pulled him to the middle of the tent to dance with her as she sang and shimmied around him. While Skippy held everyone's attention with her beauty and grace, Zilla switched the plate of food and goblet of wine presented to the bride. With a shared look between mother and daughter, Skippy led Noah back to the seat of honor and the two ate their meals heartily. Later as she made the rounds of the wedding tent to greet her guests, Zilla showed up at strategic moments to slip her a bite or two to eat, a sip of water or wine here and there.

As the wedding banquet drew to an end and Noah led his new bride to their suite, Zilla said goodbye to her daughter.

"I did what I could, my daughter," Zilla murmured as she held her daughter close. "It's up to you now."

The space inside the bridal suite was lit by one candle on a bronze stand. The smell of roses and fresh sun dried linens created an intimate mood for the newlywed couple.

On a low table near the candle stand were two goblets, already half-filled with wine. On one side of the table was a royal blue pillow, very simple in design. On the other side was a dainty white pillow, detailed with lace and frills. It was obvious who was to sit where. Noah took his place.

Skippy took a deep breath. All of her life, her mother taught her how to stay calm under pressure, smile, and be a good liar. She bobbed about the room like a happy little girl. She visited a vase full of roses, took one from the bunch, and danced around the space. With every step she took off her veil, a sheath, a skirt. The golden light from the candle illuminated the curve of Skippy's breasts, the upturned tip of her nipples, the softness of her hips through the sheer fabric of her camisole.

Noah's eyes filled with love. He was enamored with the girl. She was a delight to behold. He lifted his robe to show her his cock standing tall with desire for her.

Skippy was pleased with what she saw. She ripped the petals off the rose in her hand and scattered them as she danced around him. In one swift move she lifted up the two goblets, turned around and around him, and shook her hips in his face.

"Let us toast! To our children!"

Noah was taken aback. He wasn't sure which goblet was whose but he did not want to let on that one of the goblets was poisoned. Skippy straddled his cock into the folds of her sex and handed him the poisoned cup.

"Yes, yes... To our children," he repeated as they both drank from the goblets.

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