(Daddy) they see it as a social justice thing

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Daddy slowly wanders around the lab while the voice on the other end of his screen yells at him. "The lab" is really an entire floor, deep beneath the Tower, a series of corridors lined on either side by sterile operating rooms with glass walls. Really each room is a lab, which makes it confusing when you're trying to find a certain room in the lab, but whatever. With the stuff that goes on down here, the fewer specifics the better.

The yelling voice pauses for breath and Daddy tries to get a word in: "Can I just say," he says, but the yelling immediately resumes. Daddy shrugs resignedly. Clearly this person is very upset.

Daddy stands in front of the one of the rooms and taps on the glass. Nothing happens. He taps again, waits, and again nothing happens. He looks around for confusedly, then keeps walking.

"OK but look," Daddy says, talking over the angry person. "Did the numbers...What do you mean what do I mean? Did the numbers go up or not? So then why are we having this conversation? Which, frankly, hasn't been much of a conversation."

Daddy rounds a corner and finds Jorgan_t standing in front of the one of the rooms, tapping on his screen. Unlike all the other rooms, this one is darker inside.

"Is this the one?" Daddy whispers over the yelling.

"This is the one," Jorgan_t says.

"We should really label these better."

"Who's yelling at you?" Jorgan_t asks, nodding at the screen Daddy is holding away from his ear.

"Hellnight." Daddy rolls his eyes. "The product placement wasn't as advertised, they were overshadowed by other brands, blah blah."

Jordan_t has no response to that. He goes back to swiping at things on his screen and occasionally squinting into the dark room in front of him.

When Daddy looks carefully he can see that inside the sterile, dimly-lit room there's a bodybag on the operating table, with wires running into it. A few zonnys scurry across the walls, doing whatever Jorgan_t has them doing.

"If this is the one why are the lights off?" Daddy asks

"If the lights are off the room is occupied."

Daddy pauses, thinking. "That seems backwards. I was standing over there for a half hour."


"I thought... I don't know. I couldn't find you."

"This is the one," Jorgan_t says.

Daddy steps up to the glass and taps on it.

"Please don't tap on the glass," Jorgan_t says.

Daddy gives an exaggerated shrug like Well I need to do something I'm bored and getting yelled at.

"OK stop, enough," Daddy says. "This is pointless. Your numbers are up. You're better off than you were before so these arguments are specious."

[The yelling continues, louder now.]

"Specious. It means plausible but false. And I only say plausible because we care about you, we care about your brand, and we care about our relationship. But lookit, ANGELWAX is happy. 4Spirit is happy. And guess who you know who I just hung up with? Monstakid. And that was, I can tell you, candidly, a very different conversation than the one we're having."

[More yelling]

"Because she used their product to disfigure a boy and they see it as a social justice thing. Instead of yelling at me, they've decided it's going to be the centerpiece of their new campaign. That's a narrative, my friend."

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