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We find ourselves in an abandoned base of Atlas, that was located right outside of the kingdom of Vale, however, this base wasn't as abandoned as people believed.

Inside the base we can see lots of White Fang soldiers, loading lots of crates that were filled with dust rounds, swords, axes, guns and other destructive weapons.

" I asume that the preparations are going well?" asked a hologram of a teenage young man with spiky red and black hair, two horns on his head and a grimm mask covering his eyes. This was Adam Taurus, the symbol of the White Fang's power.

" As you wished commander. Soon the wepons will be prapared for use and I asure that they will make some true dameges." said a lion faunus as he loked at his leader.

" Good. Soon the humans will see the true power of the faunus and they will fear us." said Adam with a wicked smile.

While the two faunus were speaking with each other, outside the base we can see a dark figure watching the entrance into the base, which was guarded by two faunus.

" So this is where they hide, huh?" asked the figure as he stepped out of the shadows, revealing a young man wilt long, black hair and dark-purple eyes. This is Noctis Strife, a raven faunus and a former member of the White Fang, while he scanned the area, while he was dressed in his normal outfit( the one that I described in his BIO).

" Well, let's get it started." said Noctis as his body began to transform into a black mist that started to approach the two guards without being noticed.

After he was close enough, Noctis transformed back and faster than the two faunus could even react, he punched the first faunus, sending him into a wall.

" What the-" before the second faunus could even rise his weapon to shoot him, Noctis grabbed the first faunus and throwed him into the second one.

" You have to be faster than that." said Noctis before he took out Chaos and Reaper in their scythe forms.

" Get him." said the first faunus as the two of them took out their swords and were about to attack Noctis, only for the raven faunus to begin to emenate a lot of dark mist, making it to create a large cloud of darkness around them.

" W-What the? Where is he?" asked the first faunus, only to meet silence.

When he looked for his partner, he saw him on the ground with three large cuts on his body as his lifeless eyes were looking at the sky.

" Not so strong and mighty now, eh?" asked Noctis's voice as a punch came out of the cloud and punched the faunus, followed by a kick into the face and another punch into his gut.

" ENOUGH! Show yourself coward!" shouted the faunus, ready to fight, only for a pair of arms to be wrapped around his neck, keeping him into a strong grip, making it very hard for him to breath.

" Now, now, let's not cause a comotion." said Noctis into the faunus's ear before he snapped his neck, killing him. After he let the body fell on the ground, Noctis walked toward the base's entrance and was about to enter the facility till he used his raven senses to feel a large comotion behind the doors.

When he looked at the fallen faunus he saw that the last one he killed had his scroll activated.

" Smart. He contacted them before his death. Well, it looks like subtility is over." said Noctis as he walked toward the dead faunus and took a dust bomb from their belts.

" Open Sesame." said Noctis as he used his power to open the doors, only to meet with lots of White Fang soldiers with guns pointed toward him.

" Catch." said Noctis as he threw the dust bomb into a soldier's hand, however, before he could even move, the bomb exploded, killing all around it.

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