Part 7 - World Tour

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Ashton's pov,

"Guys,here's the flight tickets" I handed it to them one by one.

"You guys ready for the tour? Everything packed?" I asked them.
"Yuppp. Everything done and we're excited" Michael smiled.

"We should be in the plane now" Luke put on his sunglasses.

"Lukey,there's no sun in the plane. Duhhhh?" Calum rolled his eyes.

"This is a style" Luke grinned. Calum shook his head.

Deep down in my heart,I just wanna laughed when Calum in fact didn't know he will sit beside Natashya in the plane for the whole hours.

"Welcome to the flight" the stewardess smiled to me. I smiled too.

We took our seats. I looked at my flight ticket and I've been knew that I sat next to Luke.

I turned to my side and I saw Calum was there with Natashya on his right.

I laughed.

"Why you gave me this seat,sucker?" Calum leaned a little at me.
"Because I don't have a choice" I shrugged.

"Fuck with your choice" Calum groaned. "Enjoy,mate. 10 hours flight" I chuckled.

He showed up his middle finger. Calum crossed his arms and leaned on his seat.

Calum's pov,

Why I have to sit here? Fuck that. I looked at Natashya from the corner or my eyes, I saw she put on her headphones.

I breath of relief. I knew she won't talk to me or whatsoever. I smiled.

At least I hope we gonna be like this for 10 hours. I watched the movie after the plane already on the air.

Suddenly, a crumple of papers dropped onto the space between me and Natashya. I looked at it. She did the same thing too.

Then,she looked up at me. "Not me" I said.

"I knew it's not you dumb ass" she tilted her head to my back.

"Both of you" Natashya called them. Of course it's Luke and Ashton.

I turned around to face them.

"Don't you want to sleep huh? Because I'm sure you won't get enough sleep later" she looked at them with her strict face.

"Sorry" that's all they said. I shook my head.

Natashya leaned on the seat again. I laughed at them.

"You too" Natashya put on the headphones without looking at me. I gulped.

I grabbed a bottle on my side. She stopped me. "Man,that's my water"

"Then what?" I looked at her. "You can't drink it" she looked at me with the 'duhhh' face.

I smirked. "You thought it gonna be accidental kiss?"
"Eewww hell no" she rolled her eyes.

"It just,I don't like it. Okay?" She snatched the bottle from my hand.

"I don't like that...I don't like this...pfftt" I mocked her. She didn't listen to it. I know.

Then,I just ask the water from stewardess. I watched the movie and I didn't realize I fell asleep.

Natashya's pov,

Calum watched a movie beside me and I just let him be. I want to sleep because I didn't like to stay in a place for hours. I sighed.

*skips flight time*

I accidentally woke up when I heard the giggles near me. I'm a light sleeper. I easily woke up when I heard something unusual.

I open my eyes and saw Michael took a picture of me? He just smiled.

I felt something on my shoulder. I looked at it. I saw the curly hair near my face.

In a second,I realise that's Calum. I quickly pushed him from leaning his head on my shoulder.

He's awake and looked at me with small eyes.

"Are we landing now?" He rubbed his eyes.
"Yes and it's time to walk out from here,mate" Michael laughed and walked away.

"Why he's laughing? I don't make a joke" Calum yawned while closing his mouth.

I don't say anything and stood up from my seat. I walked pass him.

I can't stand him at all. Pfftt. 10 hours is over, thank God.

Next chapter,im gonna combine the pranks to make it LONGERRR

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