True love wastes

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The silk dress shimmied down the gentle curves of Elise's 18-year-old body.

"We've waited so long, Marcus," whispered the naked girl, "and today I made a vow to give myself to you. All of myself. All yours. 'Till death do us part."

She lifted her feet out of the pretend-wedding dress, bent down, picked it up and folded it onto the bed behind her.

Elise was far too young to get married, of course. She'd only just finished high school and was still a week away from even starting college.

That didn't stop her from fantasising about marriage constantly. The church she'd get married in, the colour of the napkin rings at her wedding reception, the speech her hunky husband would make, the rusty old tin cans that the best man would tie to back of the car that clunked away as she and her husband drove off into the sunset.

Husband. The word that made her throat dry and her inner thighs tingle.

Elise dreamed of the day she could walk around in public with him, his arm around her waist, proudly announcing to the world that he was hers and she was his and the love between them would grow and flourish for ever and ever and ever.

For now, however, her relationship with Marcus would have to remain a secret.

Can you imagine the scandal it would have caused if anyone found out she was dating her former English teacher? A guy ten years older than her! He'd lose his job and her parents would probably disown her!

Elise turned to the mirror to look at her naked body once again. She smiled, straightened her long neck and slender limbs. Her hands found their way to her hips. Gliding past her protruding pubic bone, her slender waist and her just-barely-visible rib cage, she cupped her petite boobies.

"All yours," she she rasped at the mirror, eyes half closed.

Her thoughts turned to the night of her wedding, to how it would feel to push her soft young body against his hard naked form. His masculine scent filling her nostrils, a tear of utter joy slipping down her unblemished cheek and onto his chiseled chest, her delicate arms wrapped around his muscular back, his thick, throbbing cock pulsating against the entrance to her freshly waxed vulva.

She closed her eyes and moaned as she massaged her breasts, she brought her left hand to her mouth and licked her fingers before returning to her bosom, wetting and tugging a perky pink nipple. Her right hand slid back down, past her belly button towards her hot, soaking slit.

"Ahh," she cried as her fingers rubbed her wetness into her pulsating clit before pushing one and then two fingers into her tight hole.

Lost completely to the moment, Elise grabbed her breasts, thrust her hips forward and fingerfucked herself at an ever increasing pace, moaning, sighing, and grinding with her eyes squeezed closed and every corner of her mind overflowing with powerful images of her sexy beast of a boyfriend Marcus.

She imagined her hands on his ass as he moved his body on top of her, pumping his harness into her willing womb. She imagined that her back was arched as she spread her legs wider and adjusted her pelvis to receive him deeper. She imagined his grunts echoing off the walls as she pierced the skin of his shoulders with her nails--

Thud. Elise's bedroom door flung open.

Elise's eyelids shot open. She panicked as she sucked her fingers out from her wet pussy, turned around and grabbed the dress to cover herself.

Who the heck just barged into my room?

Elise squinted for a few seconds as she looked at the intruder's tanned legs, her tight short-shorts, the handkerchief-like fabric that just barely covered her bra-free breasts. What the heck... Elise's eyes roamed upwards to take in the intruder's lips. So red and thick they resembled engorged labia. Her eyes. Thick, long lashes and the seemingly dilated pupils of a raging nymphomaniac. Her hair, fluffed up as if freshly fucked.

"Carey?" Elise croaked cautiously.

The intruder resembled a super slutty version of Elise's older sister. But then, what would Elise know? She hadn't seen Carey in over a year. Not since big sis had shipped off to college.

"Eww," laughed the intruder, "were you just masturbating in front of the mirror?"


Elise waited a good ten minutes before finally recovering from her pink-cheeked humiliation and padding down the stairs—fully clothed this time—to meet her big sister.

"Don't you knock?" snarled Elise, finding Carey in the kitchen with a big spoon digging into a tub of butter pecan.

"Don't you have a vibrator?" Carey snapped back, not even bothering to cover her full mouth.

"Why do you look like such a skank now?" replied Elise, refusing to get owned by big sis.

There was a time when Elise would let Carey bully her. The bullying was a small price to pay for the protection that Carey offered. You see, Carey was always the bold one who stared down the mean girls who tried to shame her little sister. Elise, by comparison, was always the meeky-squeaky little mouse, helplessly letting everyone belittle her when Carey wasn't around.

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