Chapter 17 : New Year

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This night at 8 pm...

My secretary or my best friend? I don't know

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My secretary or my best friend?
I don't know...

Someone who made me feel...


Taehyung's POV
"Let's go." I said to Irene. She nodded and grabbed her phone before leaving. We both reach the cinema. We lined up and bought some popcorn and drinks for us. We took a seat on the sofa while waiting. "So what kind of movie is this?" She asked me. "I have never been to the movies..." She told me. I gasped. "What? How?" I asked in shock. She just laughed. "So this is the first time you're watching a movie in the cinemas?" I asked her. She nodded and looked down.

"Is something wrong?" I asked. "It's nothing." She told me. "Well then let's make this night the best especially since you never watch in the cinemas." I said as I stood up. "You're gonna have a lot of fun." I told her. "I think the door has opened. Let's go in!" I said happily. She stood up and walked inside with me.

We sat beside each other. "Are you excited?" I asked her. She nodded happily. I chuckled and looked in front of me. I suddenly saw two familiar female figures.

It was Jisoo and Rosé...

Oh no... Why are they watching here? Why today? Okay okay chill... I mean it's normal... Just calm down. I'm with Irene and I should feel happy...

"Want some?" Irene's sweet voice interrupted my thoughts. "Huh?" I looked at her and saw her giving me her popcorn. I took some and smiled. "Thank you." I thanked her and ate the popcorn. I saw Jisoo and Rosé sitting down near us. I started to feel quite nervous and worried. What if Irene feel uneasy and stuff? I'm afraid that she will get scared or something.

"Hey, did you bring a blanket or pillow or anything?" I asked which I really regretted asking. "Umm what?" She asked and chuckled. "Um yeah just something to cover your look? I mean because maybe someone might notice you?" I said in a nervous tone. "What's wrong with you?" She asked and laughed at me. "H-heh, maybe I'm a bit weird today." I said and faked a laugh. I opened my bag and found a medium blue blanket.

This might help...

I took it out and covered Irene's legs. "H-huh?" She said. "Your shorts are a bit too... Yeah..." I told her as I grabbed a pair of glasses. "W-what?" She asked as she saw me giving it to her. "Wear it... These are fake. Don't worry..." I whispered. She just nodded confusingly and follow my order. She looked at me and blinked a few times which is actually quite cute. "What are you smiling at?" She asked as she pouted cutely. I laughed at her. "You look like a little grandma." I teased and ended up earning a smack on my arm.

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