Long Distance Relationships (Part 1)

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Long distance relationships when you have little/cg relationship can be super hard. This is a part one of some advice and ideas for long distance relationships. In this part I will be discussing punishments and rewards.
In my previous punishment and rewards chapter I said the following and I think it applied to this chapter as well. Littles  can be punished in a multitude of ways from simply sitting them in a corner or pushing them to their limits. Before you start punishing anybody know WHY you are punishing them. Punishing a little out of anger because you had a bad day doesn't make it okay. You should also known your littles HARD LIMITS, or limits that WILL NOT BE BROKEN WITHOUT EXTREME ASSURANCE OF CONSENT! You and your little should talk over what these are and both agree to them. Long distance relationships tend to have less hard limits seeing as distance becomes a limit. Another part of punishments is knowing WHEN to punish your little. Long distance relationships can get shaky and sometimes they aren't the easiest. Your little could have had a sh*t day and they need your comfort because it really can take a toll on them. Be cautious of this when it comes to punishments. Lastly, know what types of punishments your little/sub is into. If you are sexually active then confirm the consent of sexual punishments if not non-sexual is the way to go :3

Now, onto the punishment ideas :3

• Make your little edge themself
• Make them spank themself in a position of your choice (video chat is an option)
• Make them send you a video begging for something of your choice
• Take away sexual privileges
• Make them listen/watch you pleasure yourself while they are forced to sit and listen/watch
• Order them to push a soft limit
•  Make them wear something embarrassing on video call
• Don't allow then to wear panties/boxers for a day
• Loss of clothing while on video call
• Loss of porn, hentai, ect.

• Early bedtime
• No bedtime story
• Lines (photo proof)
• Loss of TV
• Loss of video gaming
• No sweets for a period of time
• No soda for a period of time
• If you have a reward chart (I recommend one) take one sticker off for each punishment
• Loss of favorite stuffed animal
• Cold shower/bath
• Soap in mouth (be careful :3)
• Time out while on call/FaceTime
• A lecture
• Loss of favorite clothing
• Loss of favorite shoes
• Reduced calling times
• Loss of internet
• Loss of social media
• Extra chores
• Writing an apology letter
• Creating a swear jar

I know this list isn't long but I hope it gives you a good starting point on what types of punishments to create/use to fit your long distance relationship!

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