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Sorry for the short update last time! I'll try to update more but I usually delete the whole thing because I think it's bad oofies.

Joohyun slowly approached Seulgi, who was still unconscious, obviously was only admitted into the hospital maybe an hour ago.

Joohyun didn't realize the tears coming out of her eyes and onto Seulgi's body. Seulgi was badly bruised everywhere. Her face was purplish with a few spots visible skin.

"Seulgi, I'm sorry, this is my fault,"Joohyun sobbed. Her eyes snapped to the bedside table which held a basket of flowers and a small note. Joohyun was the first to be called so she didn't know how somebody else would figure out about this.

Joohyun carefully examined the basket and the note.

Dear my lovely Joohyun,
    I knew you would be the first to come to your knight in shining armor who saved you from me. Though I do blame her for getting in the way of our relationship. I happened to see her a cafe and decided to give her a little 'visit'. So I promise if you don't come back to me and leave Seulgi, she might have a little visit soon.

Joohyun dropped the note from her hands, her whole body trembling. 

'Shit. Shit. Shit!' Joohyun thought. 'This is all my fault. Im sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry,'

She tucked the note away, grabbing her own sheet of paper.

Dearest Seulgi,
     I'm sorry. This is my fault. It's my fault that you got beat up. It's all my fault. Don't worry I'll be out of your life soon and you won't have to worry about it. Please know, even though we've known each other for only a month you made the greatest impact on my life and I could never repay you for that.


Joohyun's tears dropped onto the paper as she rushed out of the room and into her car, skipping Seulgi's apartment and to Sooyoung's.

Joohyun angrily knocked on the door and Sooyoung smirked, Joohyun eyes bore into the latter.

"I see you saw my little surprise for Seulgi and changed your mind,"Sooyoung smirked, cockily.

"Listen here Sooyoung. I don't care whatever you do to me just don't hurt Seulgi,"Joohyun growled harshly at Sooyoung.

"Well, I want you to be mine again,"Sooyoung said the mine nice and long.

Joohyun's stare broke away from Sooyoung's. Mumbling a small fine just don't hurt Seulgi. Under her breath.

Sooyoung smirked, knowing she got exactly what she wanted and gripped Joohyun's face harshly, giving her a small kiss as Joohyun pulled away.

Oh what did she do to have to deserve this?

I know I know itS shoRt I'm sorry oofies

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