chapter fifteen - the slug club

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"Come on, you'll look fabulous either way." Marlene urged. In her arms she held two dresses; a bottle-green dress that ran down right to Lily's ankles but that had a slit on the right leg side that started from midthigh. The other one was red and went down to Lily's knees. It had thin straps and an open back.

Marlene, who had been reading alone in the dormitory whilst waiting for Dorcas and Laurelle to finish from Muggle Studies, had been only too happy to help Lily in getting ready for the Slug Club, which was in just one hour. So far, they'd only picked out the two best dresses.

Lily bit her lip and looked at both the dresses, imagining herself in them. Finally, she decided on the green one.

"Yes, I was hoping you'd pick that one. You have nice legs, a fact I'm sure Potter will love." Marlene said, smirking. Ever since Lily had told her that she liked James, Marlene had been teasing her nonstop.

Lily got dressed and stood up. She smoothed her hands over the dress nervously, noticing the way her leg showed through the slit.

Well, that's what a slit for, to show your leg, you idiot. She mentally scolded herself.
I hope James likes it. She thought and blushed.

Marlene came around and stood next to Lily, flinging her arm over Lily's shoulder.

"See? You look gorgeous, Lils. I'm sure James'll love it." Lily smiled at Marlene's ability to know what she thinking.

"Anyway, here's the shoes." She bent down and picked up a pair of flat green and black striped shoes and gave them to Lily. She quickly put it on.

"C'mon, we still have to do your makeup." Marlene said, pulling her towards the chair.

"Aw, thanks, Marls." Lily murmured and she allowed her friend's soft fingers to brush over her face. Then Marlene insisted on doing Lily's hair hair as well, so Lily allowed her.

"There." Marlene beamed when she was done.

Lily stood up and walked over to the mirror.

"Wow," she whispered, staring at herself in amazement.

The dress hugged her every curve perfectly and Marlene was right, the slit made her leg look slim and long. The shoes went wonderfully with the dress, the black contrasting majestically. Marlene had decided on a very little amount of eyeshadow, but extra mascara snd eyeliner so that Lily's eyes popped out. Her lips were a nude pink colour. She'd put on contour, so Lily's cheekbones were higher, her jaw less fat. Her hair was pinned up in an elegant chignon with two strands falling down her face.

"Am I going to the Slug Club or a ballroom party?" Laughed Lily.

"You're impressing James, remember?" Marlene stated.

"Oh, right." She turned to Marlene and hugged her.

As she made her way out ten minutes before the party, Marlene stopped her.

"Yes?" Lily asked.

"Your boobs look so big, like seriously. And that neckline..." she whistled and Lily blushed.

"Do not make me second guess my choice, Marls."

"Both dresses are tight, so it'd be the same either dress."

"Excellent." And Lily walked down, leaving an amused Marlene behind.

She tried to breathe properly as she walked down to the Common Room, where James and Remus had promised they'd be.

What if he doesn't like it? What if it's too inappropiate? What if he thinks it's inappropiate?

Those thoughts followed her down and once she reached the Common Room she'd already doubled back twice.

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