The Club

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Lily's POV

Today was a typical day at my apartment. I was alone. My Dad didn't care if I was alone or not alone. As long as he has his bottle of rum, Dad's fine. I grabbed my teddy bear and started listening to my fave song., Earned It By The Weeknd.  Suddenly, I get a call from a dear friend of mine, Rachel.

"What's up Rach?" I say, trying to sound excited.

"Why don't we head out to a club tonight? You seriously need to get out more."

Rach, of course, was right. I needed to get out more, and not sulk into depression.

"Yeah, just send me the address, and I'll be there."

/time skip/

At the Club

"Hey, Lily!!   Ready to get inside and dance the night away?" Rach asks as we stand out side the door.

"Heck yes!" I said as we walked into the noise-filled club.

In the club, there is a dance floor, bar, and DJ station. We walk to the bar and sit down bar stools. A man comes over; a man that I will never forget.

" Can I get you two hot girls some drinks?'

A/N: Hey guys. I hope you like this part, and in the future, I'm thinking about putting in some smut. Just write down your suggestions in the comments. 


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