Chapter One

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  People walked up and down the concrete of the road bustling with noise and chit chat of past events that had happened the previous day. Some people were too entranced with their phone to even realize what a beautifully cloudy day it was, it was too bad they didn't even notice when it started down pouring. As the rain poured down from the sky the poor unfortunate victims let out a scream and ran for cover while others opened their umbrellas so their body was protected from the cold droplets. While the people outside were busy hiding from the rain the people inside watched the rain fall, specifically a girl. Her brown hair was cascading over her shoulder while the rested her arms on the windowsill, her brown eyes sparkled as she watched the rain fall from the sky.

 “Hey Maddy,” A voice called from the inside of the apartment, Maddy heard the front door close so she looked behind her to see her roommate standing there. Her roommate was a male who was drenched from the rain, he pushed his green dyed hair out of his pale face “I'm back from the coffee run, they didn't have what you usually get so I got a caramel iced coffee for you instead.” The girl gets up from her place of rest and walked over to the tall male.

 “That's ok,” She grabbed the cup from his hand and took a sip. “It's good, how was the journey back?” Maddy asked her roommate.

 “Well, the line was long and the main worker there seemed kind of crabby today. He has a temper as short as his height. Since it took so long he threw in some free biscuits too,” He held up a small bag, Maddy smiled widely and snatched the bag from him. “He told me to be careful though, they're extremely hot.” Maddy rolled her eyes.

 “I think the dude might have been exaggerating a bit,” She replied, Maddy started walking over to the couch. “But thank you so much for going out and getting this Jon! You're the best roommate ever.” Maddy hopped over the back of the couch and sat in the middle cushion. She patted the seat next to her signaling Jon to sit next to her so they could enjoy the biscuits and watch some TV.

 “Do you think the news is on?” Jon walked over and sat next to the smaller female. Maddy shrugged while turning on the television and flipping to Skyfall News.

 “Yeah, it's on but does it have anything interesting on is the real question.” Maddy grabbed one of the biscuits and bit into it. They both had their attention fixed on the television as the news man spoke.

“Tonight at 10
The world is ending again
And we know why and when
So you better watch,”

 Maddy and Jon exchanged glances, they didn't really believe that. What was the news station trying to pull this time?

“We got a bit with some feminist chick
And also a picture of a starlet's crotch!
Two people died, a double homicide
Their bodies found inside
Of a wishing well
And we tackle the flaws
In these obesity laws
In this segment that's sponsored
By Tanco’s Burgers,”

 “Uh,” Jon looked at the ad for Tanco's Burgers with a weirded out look. “I thought that got closed down for health reasons.”

 Maddy shrugged as she stared at the TV. “It did, but I guess the news station just doesn't care at this point.”

 Jon furrowed his brows together. “Maybe we should find a new news station to watch, this one seems to be going down the drain.”

“We've got violence, danger, sex, and drugs
And it's awesome cause all of it's real!
We do the illusion of news and while you think you're choosing the views
That you feel...
All of this and more and live
Only on the Skyfall News!
Only on the Skyfall News!”

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