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<3 This is the slightly censured version of this chapter, please go over to "When Death Takes Notice Mature Chapters" if you are of the "propper age" to read the uncensored version of this chapter, to read the story as it was actually ment to be read... :P <3

The sound of clattering chains filled the room as Bryan released the chain in his hand, the chain that had been bound to my ankle, and I watched as it fell down into a heap on the floor. His hands slid underneath me as he gathered me up in his arms, and carried my half clad form into the bathroom. He put me gently down again right outside of the shower.

I swayed a bit from side to side, my eyes focused down at my feet, on the pants that lay gathered in a lump around my ankles, before I finally managed to find my own balanse again.

"Strip!" My head flew up, almost as if it had been pulled roughly up by a marionettes string. My wide eyes could not help but desperately search his too handsome face. His firm voice had made my heart race, and not in a good way.

"Calm down love." He said, and chuckled a bit, his whole face lighting up with amusement, before he continued. "This is suppose to be fun, a reward. Dont look at me like I am about to lay you over my lap, and punish you again. Although I willnot hesitate to do just that if that is what you truly want me to do." He said, his voice filled with mirth, mirth that was more or less lost on me.

"No, I.. I dont want that.." My fingers started to work fast, rushing to get undressed, lest he change his mind.

Please, dont make him change his mind. I cant..

He let out a exasperated sigh, a moment before his warm hands covered my own trembling ones, and stilled the frenzied movements. He took a small step closer, his body flush up against my own smaller frame, and bent down to whisper in my ear with a husky voice. "Fun love, this is suppose to be fun. So just relax, and let me take care of everything. Let me take care of you, let me spoil you."

My breath hitched as his teeth nibbled on my left earlobe for a second, before his mouth trailed over the skin on my cheek, slowly making its way towards my mouth.

"Will you let me spoil you?" The question brushed softly against my lips, and drew me in.

"Y...yes." I breathed back, my nose filled with his intoxicating scent, filled with him.

I couldn't think, couldn't move, and so he made the move, closing the minuscule gap that separated our lips. I had expected him to be rough, harsh even, but his lips were a soft caress against my own. It was so gentle, so warm, it was almost like a butterflies wing brushing up against me. I gasped as the velvet of his tunge slid between my slightly parted lips, and I could not help but welcome it with my own tongue. There was something so sweet, so raw, so bare about the kiss, that I could not help but fall into his sweet honeyed trap.

His arms circled my waist, and my own arms slipped around his neck, as we simultaneously pulled each other closer, both desperate to deepen that sweet connection that had formed between us, both desperate for more.

My heart beat so fast, and I could not help but let out a whimper in protest as he pulled away from me all too soon, my lips stalking his retreating mouth.

His index finger pressed firmly against my parted lips, denying me in my quest to re reclaim his mouth. I stared up at him like some kind of drunken fool, my eyes pleading with his amused cinnamon orbs.


"Patience love." The slightly hoarse threads of his velvet voice betraying him, he was not as unaffected as he projected outward.

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