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Lincoln's POV.

"Are you excited to meet the two new girls that are coming to our school from current location ? They're the most popular girls of  all time!!! I can't believe they are coming to our school! All the school knows them, they say that they are smart and friendly and confident and beautiful...but not as beautiful as Lori...beautiful Lori,blah blah blah blah ,Lincoln are you listening to me??" Clyde brought me to earth as I was daydreaming

"Oh...yeah I was just thinking of...something" I said, trying to hide the fact that I was thinking of Y/N

"You were thinking of her, didn't you??"

"Wh-what no way!! Clyde, it's not what you're thinking. It's just a small crush. I'll get over her. Plus that I know her just for a day!"

"Are you sure about that??"

"W-well I d-don't know for sure" I covered my cheeks to hide my face from blushing

"Lincoln, that's serious, DO YOU LIKE HER??????"

"Okay,okay, I'll admit that I like her and I don't think it's just a small crush"

When I looked at Clyde, I saw he had a big smile on his face

"I'm so happy for you bud, it's clearly love at the first sight, like me and Lori...ah, beautiful Lori with her teeth sparkling, her hair so gorgeous and her beautiful,charming eyes..."

That moment I realized that Clyde was right. It really was love at the first sight

"Clyde you're right, it IS love at the first sight!!!"

"Told ya"

"Thanks buddy, can't wait to go home to meet her...." I said as we both headed to class

Meanwhile, you and Phoebe entered the school and started chatting, but you were suddenly surrounded by a bunch of kids who were asking questions,taking photos of you, or asking for an autograph. You were of course shocked but you managed to run away and get to the principal's office

Your POV.

"There sure are a lot of kids"said Phoebe as we both ran away

"How did we become so popular?" I asked, confused

"Umm...hello, Y/N you are the most confident person in school and I'm the most friendly! Together, we are not only BFF's but popular BFF's and I'm sure we'll make a bunch of new friends but remember that you'll always be my number one and.... Y/N??"
Phoebe brought me to earth

"What, I wasn't doing anything, I was listening to you all the time and I sure  wasn't thinking of Linc...." I  quickly covered my  mouth and looked at Phoebe, who was smiling and staring at me

Phoebe is known for being the most friendly person but she has a hidden talent that I only know about.... she is a fangirling and gossip queen. She knows everything about boys, she ships everyone in the school and she knows every gossip in our school!! I'm sure she will soon learn those new gossips from here too!

" O-M-Gosh Y/N you don't like him... you're in LOOOVE!!!!!!!"

"Wh-what...no I'm not"

" Nice try but I'm not falling for that"

"Ugh, fiiine I do love him" I said slowly as I looked up to her

She was jumping around singing that stupid song " Y/N and Lincoln sitting in a tree,   K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!!"

Then she hugged me so tight,that I could barely breath. When she let go she looked at me with her big brown eyes and a big smile on her face

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