D.H Rivalry

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So, this whole thing is just random and came to my head last night. It doesn't fall with the story line at all!

He was pissed at Scott. They were going to kill one another. Correction. Derek, was going to kill Scott. It doesn't help it was the night of the full moon, and there was hatred in the air. Both the boys transformed and started snarling at each other. There was no way in hell you could watch your brothers best friend get torn apart by your boyfriend. Yes. This was a very confusing situation. But, you decided to risk you dumb ass to make the best of it.
     Derek lunged at Scott and he flew back and slammed into a tree. Full of adrenaline, you started booking it from the old Hale house, to the forest, where the two, out of control, werewolves were having a super smash brawl. Thick headed Scott, sprang back up and went for Derek's neck, teeth bared. Derek, whom never seemed off guard by anything, ducked, whipped around, and went in for the kill.
     Unfortunately, you happened to be in the way. For the first time in his life, you caught him off guard, and managed to push him back a few feet. You as well turned, and prepared to, well, be annihilated. In a blind fury, he raced at you, and you stood your ground. When you two collided, it was a tangle of punches, kicks, throws and screams. Coming from both ends. Eventually Scott joined the fight and you managed not to have either one killed by the other. But you didn't know how long you could think about that.
     All the adrenaline that you had, seemed to seep out with the unhealthy amounts of blood you were losing. The blackness started creeping in around your eyes at a fast pace. You heard nothing. You only felt the searing hot pain of the scratches in you sides, face, legs and belly. You also felt the warmth leave you body with the constant flow of blood. The dark was very comforting, but something was ebbing away at you. Like a nagging voice in the back of your head. Maybe, just maybe you might listen. But the dark was all too friendly. How about, just this once you thought, and let the darkness consume you.
     But there was no more darkness. Only white hot pain, that wretched your body. You wanted to scream but you couldn't. With that last amount of energy you had in your dead soul, you opened you eyes. There was a dark ceiling. You recognized this room, but could not yet place it. Your eyes flicked around the room. The first thing you saw was Derek. But it wasn't Derek. His skin was shallow and grey, he had cuts on his cheek. His shirt was covered in blood, and looked as if it hadn't been changed in days. He sat in a chair with his elbows on his knees, head in his hands. What is going on? That question penetrated you mind. You knew the answer, but you really didn't know. You swiped the thought away, and began studying not-so-Derek once again. His usually well kept stubble was growing out into a very ugly, scraggly beard.
     Without meaning to, you gave a little sneeze. Derek's head shot up immediately. He looked even worse than you thought. His eyes were sunk into his skull, and lost any life they had ever had. His skin was tight around every facial figure he had. Strange thing was, the scratch marks on his face weren't healing as they should be.
     He shakily got up and went over to you. He didn't say anything, but checked your pulse, your eyes, skin tone. The whole nine yards.
"Derek." You say quietly. This seems to be enough to stir up a hurricane of emotion within Derek. He kneels on the floor beside the bed. He grabs your hand, and seems to be crying.
"I'm so sorry." He says quietly. He says this over and over again. You grab his hand back. You understand.
"It's okay." You whisper.

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