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/Your pov\

I cought on that these where the palidins and coran! So I thought I should take mommy and point everyone out since he seemed confused! So I took his hand and pointed to everyone one, "Uncle shiro," I pointed to uncle shiro, and walked to allura? "princess," I announced and went to coran "funny man," I said, and went to uncle hunk and antie pidge "uncel hunk, and antie pidge," I walked up to daddy he was the last one, so I pointed at Daddy and said "And that's daddy!" The hole room went silent, not a word was said. Everyone froze. Witch cunfused me they all knew this? I mean I've been with them for almost 6 years! my birthday was next year! (You just turned 5 you don't understand how time works yet) but I was really sleepy, it was nap time. But they all asked something.

   "Pardon?" They all said at once I looked at them like they where crazy and let go of mommy's hand, and looked around, I pointed at mommy then then slowly saying,

   "Mommy and daddy?" I said cunfused all over again. And I was a little cunfused on why mommy was in a palidins outfit he hadn't been in a lion for almost 6 years, I think? So why was he in one now? Well like not a lion but the outfit for one??? I don't know!! Everyone was staring at me.... I didn't like it at all. I almost started crying again, but mommy picked me up! I sorta fell asleep I think? Everything went black and I just saw memories of me and mommy and if I was lucky daddy!

   /shiro's pov\

   The girl fell asleep in Keith's arms, we don't even know her name, wait... I walked over to Keith the bag had a name stitched on it so I slowly took the back back from her with Keith's help, to not wake her up. I read the name on the bag out loud "______ Mcclain," was all it said well shit. I opened the bag everyone else hovered around me as I took stuff out, a purple mid arm shirt? Black jeans. And A jacked that looked exeactly like lances but it look like Keith's for colour and design. There was a picture of Keith and Lance and a 2 year old girl I could only guess was ______. What surprised me the most was the fact that Keith and Lance looked happy to be together. You could hear lance gagging in the back ground but- was that a smile on Keith's face?!?!?! There was a photo album of this girl and Keith and sometimes Lance but not often there was one that shocked everyone there was a litteral photo of Keith and Lance kissing! The next was of them blushing, followed by them chasing a giggling ______. They seemed happy together witch honestly made us kinda happy. There was a picture of her with the liones laughing fallowd by a picture of a paranoid keith and a laughing Lance, the hole album was her with Keith and Lance as a family there was a note at the back I read it out loud too "Too are dear little girl ____ love mommy and daddy and occasionally antie pidge, we all love you so much please take care and fill this up with lots of pictures! We all love you so much!" There was a picture of her with the hole team she was being held by keith and it was in front of the liones too it was a beautiful photograph. There was one more thing there was a piece of paper with her address and parents names... It said the castle of liones and for parents it said-

   "Guys look at this-" everyone read it, I think lance got a little sick. Keith blushed but quickly hid it, I think I need to talk to him later " home: castle of liones or voltron. Parents: Keith and Lance Mcclain." Everyone starred blankley at the stuff on the floor that was from the bag, but the last thing I pulled out was a sword, but not any sword it was a blade like a blade from the blade of Marmora, specifically Keith's. I quickly put everything back and gave Keith the bag. Hunk went to make dinner, pidge went to do something. Allura and coran went to move the ship, and I went to do something????

/later after dinner so like around 10PM your pov\

  Everyone was asleep, exept me.... I was still with mommy, but daddy wasn't there, they always sleep together and I sleep in the middle... but not tonight, so I crowled out of bed and took my bag and went to daddy's room, I still couldn't sleep, cuse I missed Mommy, but with mommy I miss daddy..... so I took my bag and went to the training room. I pulled Mommy's knife out of my bag, and it activated in my hand. I started up level one, like I normally do when I can't sleep, I've been useing a knife since I was 2 maybe even 1 (I mean face it Keith's your mom this was bound to happen)

~1 hour later~

  I just finished level 7 and turned it off I sat down and waited.... mommy would normally come get me now. But daddy some times gets me, he takes 2 hours tho so ill wait! So I played with purple.

~another hour later~

No one came.... I was starting to hurt? Like my heart hurt? The door opened just then the door opened I looked up hopefully "Mommy? Daddy?" I asked but almost immediately noticed it wasnt mom or dad..... I sighed as I looked at who walked into the room he came up too me and put a hand on my head.

   "Sorry kiddo I'm not your mommy or daddy-" he said "why are you still up?"


1000 words.

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