Can We Fast Forward Til You Go Down On Me?

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A knock was what woke Geoff up from his afternoon nap. Neither of the boys had slept well from night before and given the circumstances, nobody could blame them. Geoff thought he imagined the rapping of knuckles on the door at first. Nobody ever had come over before and he was starting to doubt if Awsten had any friends. That illusion was shattered when he heard a voice he didn't recognize.

"Let me in asshole!"

Geoff's eyes fluttered open, more curious than irritated. That didn't stop him from being slightly scared by the tone of the person on the other side of the door. Whoever it was felt the need to knock once more. Geoff jumped to his feet and scurried to Awsten's room, following the stranger's lead and knocking on the door. After a few moments with no reply, he threw the door open.

Geoff had never been in Awsten's room before and now he knew why. The walls were covered in magazine clippings and posters from the bands he listened and artists he aspired to be as talented as. His desk was littered with a half finished cork board with photos of him and people Geoff didn't recognize. In the corner was a pair of guitars; one a light brown acoustic and the other a bright blue electric. On his windowsill was an assortment of cacti and succulents. Fairy lights were strung up along the ceiling. Walking into Awsten's room felt personal, like he was intruding on a private moment.

And then there was Awsten, who was asleep. His mouth was hanging open, a thin trail of drool forming on the pillow he was clutching in his sleep. The sun was pouring in past the curtains, casting thin lines of light against the purple haired boy's pale torso. Geoff had yet to see his roommate shirtless until now. Awsten had a body that most people would be proud of but he was still unhappy with his appearance. Geoff didn't understand how someone with that kind of arm definition could wear a shirt all the time.

"Awsten." Geoff whispered, rubbing his roommate's bicep. He was trying his best not to look at his roommate's torso but he wasn't sure he would get another chance. He told himself if Awsten didn't respond to the second call of his name that he would let his eyes wonder. He nudged the purple haired boy harder this time, remembering there was someone at their door. "Awsten, wake up."

"Mmmm." Awsten sighed softly, rolling from his side to his back. That didn't count as a response, right? It couldn't have been a coincidence that the blanket that had covered the space between Awsten's belly button and hips had scooted down perfectly, putting one of the most hidden parts of him on display. He didn't have a six pack, to Geoff's surprise. His ab muscles were underdeveloped compared to the rest of his body, although his stomach was still flat.

"Awsten." Geoff tried again, shaking his shoulder a bit harder this time. He wasn't as hairy as he expected him to be for being a quarter Greek. His legs peaked out of the comforter, indicating not only that his legs were the hairiest part of him but that he must have been in only a pair of boxers. Geoff blinked and tried to tear his eyes off of his roommate with little luck. "Need to wake up. Somebody's here."

"I'm up, I'm up." Awsten muttered, trying to convince himself more than Geoff. His eyes opened slowly, unimpressed with being woken up. He didn't know why Geoff was in his room but he assumed it had to have been for a good reason. Awsten rubbed the sleep that had formed in the corner of his eyes, letting out a small yawn. He shoved the remainder of the blanket off of his legs, exposing his black boxers. "What?"

"There's a knock on the door." Geoff mumbled, averting his eyes from the scene before him. He felt like an intruder for the first time since moving in. He was in Awsten's space uninvited and he wasn't exactly expecting any visitors, even if there was one at the door. "I don't know what to do. You gotta go answer it."

"Why couldn't you?" Awsten groaned, throwing a hand over his eyes dramatically. He hadn't slept as well next to Ciara as he thought he would. He was expecting his body to feel at ease once again but instead he was filled with all the butterflies as when he first met her. He crawled into the space beside her and spent far too long wondering if that would be the last time they laid together. He hoped it wasn't.

"Thought this was 'our' apartment." The half asleep boy taunted smirking while he sat up slowly. He was in the middle of his rather large bed, bright blue blanket discarded at the bottom. The bed was too big for just him and at times he had regretted getting a king size. It made sense in the beginning; when he had someone spending the night. Not much made sense to him since Ciara left. "Shouldn't you be able to answer the door?"

"Just answer it." Geoff grumbled, dragging the half naked boy up by his wrist. By leading him to the stranger, he wouldn't have the opportunity to check out his roommate any longer. He wondered briefly if Awsten ever checked him out. He didn't think so, unless you counted a couple odd glances at some interesting choices in clothing. It didn't hit him that since he was also in his underwear that Awsten had a matching view. The pounding on the door only continued. Geoff wondered if the person on the other side had ever stopped. He figured their hand must have hurt. "Please."

"What if it's my mom?" Awsten complained, trying to tug away from the grasp. His feet lead him forward regardless, like the traitors they were. The two of them were half naked, practically arm in arm. If Awsten's mom was on the other side of their apartment door, he sure had some explaining to do. He wasn't exactly out to his family yet and even if him and Geoff didn't actually do anything, he knew there would be questions to answer.

"Does your mom call you asshole?" Geoff hissed, practically flinging the other boy towards the door. Awsten turned around the face his roommate and Geoff was expecting a slap or at least a bit off sass. Instead, all he got was a smile that was bright enough to light up the darkest parts of him.

"Why didn't you tell me that?" Awsten beamed, turning back towards the door. He turned the silver handle and flung the door open with a complete lack of care for the fact that he was practically naked. As a brown haired boy came into Geoff's view, an 8-bit version of a pop ballad began to play overhead.

The boy moved in slow motion, his hand dropping from a fist that was once pounding on their door to a relaxed hand by the side of his body. His mouth spread into a smile almost as large as Awsten's, either oblivious or unaware of Awsten's lack of clothes. The brown haired boy took two steps backward before running towards Awsten. It looked absolutely ridiculous to the two of them, the brown haired boy running in slow motion. Awsten couldn't help but laugh as the boy jumped at him, sticking his arms out to catch him. Time regained it's speed shortly after, Awsten's laughter taking over the place of the soundtrack.


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