Pronounciation and Q&A

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I just want to add a picture of what Aurora looks like for those wondering! A lovely follower messaged me and I just had to show it!

I just want to add a picture of what Aurora looks like for those wondering! A lovely follower messaged me and I just had to show it!

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Anyway! Here are some of the name pronunciation for some of my characters and words. I will add more as I work on the story so don't worry! (If you have any questions, just ask!)

Caelan (King of the Crystal Kingdom): KAY-LUN (I'm British so this is how I pronounce it. Btw it's not LOON or LAN (Even though it's literally spelt that way))

Satanael (King of the Domitrian Empire): SAY-TA-NYE-AL

I was thinking about questions that people may be asking about the story and I just want to answer them now before I get blasted with them as soon as you read the last chapter.

Here they are!

1. What are the 5 Kingdoms exactly and who rules over each one?

The 5 Kingdoms are the homes of the Leaders, rulers over all supernatural beings. Since the dawn of time, the Kingdoms have stood tall, thriving and restoring harmony among all life. Now, they fight against humanity in a war of power and despair. Here are the Kingdoms:

Home of King Adimus, Queen Lavinia, and Prince Orpheus, Bermuda is the most powerful kingdom and is located within the Bermuda Triangle. The Circle (which comprises of all of the Delegates of the 5 Kingdoms) are often found to be within the Council, the overall parliament of the supernatural world. They control everything. The laws, the ceremonies, and punishments.

6 years ago, the Crystal Kingdom lost its Queen, Lunafreya and the heir to the throne, Aurora disappeared. As a result, the Higher Demon Caelan Kalmaya was left as heir. King Adimus saw the opportunity to take the throne and continue the Angel ruling and therefore stuck a deal with Caelan. However, he refused, leaving Adimus to rule together with his disapproving wife over Bermuda. They have had tension since.

The Crystal Kingdom:
Originally considered an Angel Kingdom, the Crystal Kingdom is ruled by King Caelan Kalmaya, a Higher Demon that took the throne after Queen Lunafreya. Located off the coast of Finland, it is considered the smallest Kingdom with just over 1000 personnel but was heavily populated before the accident that killed the former Leader.

Having a Demon Leader within a supposed Angel Kingdom has caused tension between many Kingdoms, the main one being Bermuda after Adimus' rejection.

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