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Name: Kanade Kūjo

Age: 16

Role: Princess of Lightning Country, The Avatar.

Description: Avatar since birth and mastered all bendings perfectly. Has a huge amount of chakra. Has never failed a single test in life.

Hates: Wars, when people hurt her friends, betrayal & when being threatened.

Loves: Bending anything, training, playing the violin, helping people, singing, reading, drawing and music.

Skills: Fire bending, Water bending, Lightning bending, Blue-fire bending, Ice bending, Earth bending, Air bending, Blood bending, Metal bending, Mud bending and healing. *Unblocked chakra flows so is able to use chakra. Is able to perform simple jutsu. Can convince people very easily. Is very mature so uses logic against people. 100% accuracy.

*Remember she has a huge amount of chakra.

Weapon: A purple gliding stick modified to be able to change into a gun or a sword. 

Looks: Purple hair with bangs and two pigtails to the side (when training), innocent violet eyes, pink fighting dress with black and white outlines, long black boots. Very fragile and weak but isn't.

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