She was in a fit.. On a side she had this maniac trying to marry her.. Other side this drunk guy asking her if she is okay and thirdly a guy standing a little far from them...

She ignored everyone and started again with her struggle.. She needs to get away...

"the lady seems unhappy" the guy kept his tone soft

"we are getting married you drunkard.. So just f*ck off" Palash revoked while making his way off the guy..

She nailed him for her last attempt.. When she heard his moan.. She was free but before she could give credit to her nails she heard palash's groans.. She raised her gaze up but he was not there.. She saw him knocked down on the road

Looking up towards the guy smiling with victory a name clicked her mind.. "Karan Khanna!! What was he doing here?"

Tripura stood shook.. She looked at palash on the floor and then at Karan who was giving a grin to nowhere as he spread his arms and said..

"you are now safe my darling.. Raj saved you!" He turned towards her and took her in his arms...

"oh sorry.." He said as he left her to pick something.. She saw what he picked and gasped..

He picked the mangalsutra and started searching for the something... Finally getting what he looked for he turned towards her..

She stood rooted at her spot with the sudden turn of events.. And before she could say or do something.. Karan took the veil and filled her parting and made her wear the black beads thread..

"now you are married to the hero" he drunk talked and smiled throwing his arm around her shoulder...

When Vishal came back he got the shock of his life ..

"what the fu*k!" Was all he could say

"what!.. Come on.. You were calling Radhika your Bhabhi right!.. Sheez not your Bhabhi okay.. She is Mrs.Radhika Malhotra..!" Karan gibber "now here you go... She is your Bhabhi!"

"you are mine!" He turned towards Tripura in his arms and giggled in trance

"oh one more thing.." He said as he untied the chain around his neck.. "this belongs to you!"he put the chain around her neck

"my Ma's bahu!" Karan declared while Vishal watched in amaze.. Never ever Karan lost his mind in his peak drunk state... And its the first time after years Karan mentioned about his mother... All he could do was see what his friend was doing.. He felt like stopping him but the horrified look at the lady kept him quite.. This marriage will mean nothing to Karan.. He knows.. But for now he can assure the safety of the lady... She looked at Vishal for any help to which Vishal gave a calm look...


she reached the main hall to find it empty..

She heard a door opening sound and turning her head she saw Karan holding a door out for her with a smile.. It was the same garden where she asked him to have coffee with..

Thoughtlessly she gave her hand in and what she saw just blew her mind.. The lights in the small back garden near the pool has her heart fluttering from the 1st glance she had on it.. And now coming here in its glory is something so enchanting..

She handbrake her thoughts and came into present where all she could see was a presence of dark night and dimly lit lights..

Is this place like this always? Or is it special decorated for her! The question arises.. 'so silly of you Tripura.. Why would he do this for you? Its the usual view and you have to get used to it' her mind mocked.. She waited for her heart to argue but it kept its mum and absorbed the beauty..

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