part 6

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Past scenes in italic font.. and typos as usual..


She was spell bounded by his charm.. Everything went blur and all she could see was his smiling face... How can he be so charismatic without even knowing it!...

"Let's go Madame" he still held his hand out

She finally let her eyes move from him to herself.. She was in the same white salwar kameez.. Her hair were not washed.. Not even brushed just tied in a bun.. Her face had dried tears she knows.. Her lip balm was the only thing that was maybe looking decent..

He smiled at her own introspection.. when she was done he took her hand getting her attention and suggested "take your time I'll wait" he held her eyes and she can see more than 1 meanings of his statement..

Blood rushed her cheeks and she already starting recalling her luggage on what to wear!.. When she packed reluctantly she was least interested.. forced.. Palash wanted her to move asap.. She remembered how he was hissing while she was pondering on what to take which will be the victim of the things he would do.. She couldn't help take her favourites so that he wont damage them but as the situation changed.. She had zero good outfits here in the bag..

"I saw a cute baby pink salwar back there" he again suggested reading her eyes..

And when she pondered on his statement she realised he was talking about when she threw her stuff on the bed... A tear made its way.. He haven't apologized yet! (thanks @aanchal for this)

She was so in and out.. He realised while her eyes spoke thousands...

Before he could say anything "5 mins" she smiled...


She walked baby steps in her baby pink salwar kameez.. It was an old dress of hers that she left wearing after becoming a more known doctor but he asked for it and she just did it keeping in her mind that he helped her out maybe not in his sense but he did saved her life...

While she took slow steps down her mind drifted to their first meet...


"Come..." He called her out of the car and she trembled as in why he stopped the car this late in middle of nowhere "am completing your wish to marry me before we.." He grinned maybe blushed but she felt disgusted...

"you know I genuinely love you.." He tried making a conversation as well trying to hold her hand.. She kept her body stiff.. Walking where ever he was leading..

When she saw a mandir at a distance.. Fear engulfed her.. She looked here and there.. help!.. She wanted to scream but her throat dried up.. A bit jet lagged and the outskirt roads had a toll on her..

"There's your mandir.." He pointed at a fairly lit place..he took out a mangalsutra from his pocket..

"I genuinely like you Tripura.." He showed her the mangalsutra "I was ready to marry you even if you would've denied it.." He again grinned making her sick of his face.. "lets go" he asked but when she didn't moved.. Having enough he grabbed her hand and dragged her towards the temple..

"Help!" Finally she found her voice... She tried freeing her hand but he successfully dragged her inside

"Excuse me" she heard a voice

"who are you?" She heard Palash hissing

"are you okay?" The guy ignored Palash and asked her instead..

Gathering courage she nodded in negation

"we are getting married so just get lost" Palash hissed again trying to drag her past the guy.. But he stood strong and asked her again "do you wanna marry him?" He sounded drunk

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