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(Do not attempt to recreate the chaos we have done)

Is the camera on?

Voodoo: Hold on- ...Okay, done. The camera is rolling.

Now... you sure you wanna do this, Bishop?

Bishop: Yep. Ok is everything ready? Ok.. the reverse potions are over there... yeah we're good

Lemondrop: *picks up two potions* What are these strange colored liquids?

Dusk: Juice?

Voodoo: I don't know.... I wouldn't take a drink out of that if I were you.

Silence: Well Spade and Crescent have drank potions like these and they're fine.

Bishop: Yep, we are fine. Right, Bloody? Perfectly normal.

....When was I ever fine again?

Bishop: You were always fine.. it's Trump who's got a problem.

You right. Fcker trying to get immigration to deport me back to Mexico and build a wall like that sht is gonna stop me.

Lemondrop: Classy....we're recording...

Oh sht... *shrugs* oh well. We should probably shut up about that cheeto puff when we're making these or else we may anger a certain...few. You get where I'm going with this

Bishop: you got a point... 

Ricochet: *points at the potions* One of us needs to drink one and see if they survive... 

Dusk: Great idea Rico, you drink one.

Ricochet: What? No! I'm not drinking it!

Silence: Its no different than your experiments... probably.

Loxo: We should all pick some and drink them!!!

Voodoo: If we're gonna do it like that...let's pick random.

Lemondrop: Oh, it'll be more fun that way!

...fck it, let's do that.

Bishop: Agreed

Voodoo: So... are we gonna spin the wheel of torture?

The wheel of torture... nice name for it.

Dusk: Really sums up our futures ...

Sums up my current life.

Silence: Sums up my existence...

Voodoo: Welp...Let's just start spinning before we lose track

Ricochet: Good idea.

Bishop: Alrighty then. Raptors first, Voodoo, spin the wheel that decides your fate.

Voodoo: *spins the wheel* ...I got brown

Loxo: Same color as your scales!!!

Voodoo: Yup... I'll just take the brown potion then

Alright, Dusk your turn.

Dusk: *spins wheel* ....I got sky blue

Alright, the rest of you spin the wheel. I'll spin last

(After everyone else spins the wheel)

Alright so Voodoo has brown, Dusk has sky blue, Silence has grey, Ricochet got white, Lemondrop has yellow, And Loxo gots...

Loxo: *holding up his potion* I got purple!!!! Like my fur!!! Yaaayyyy!!

Joy...Bishop what you got?

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