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"Not meant to be like a hero but do I really need to step forward? Dang it Kim Taehyung, just do it. Don't be such a coward." he mumbled to himself.

For the nth times, he breathed in and breathed out, hesitating under the dark and sweat already formed on his forehead.

"Let go of her!" he finally raised his voice after having a long debate with himself.

The man and the girl quickly turned towards him. The figure of them couldn't be seen clearly but he could guess the girl was Irene and the man was like a stranger.

"Now who the hell is this." Jin tilted his head, staring at the other guy coldly but he still grabbing Irene's wrist.

"I said let go of her!"

At the end, Jin released his grip, moving forwards to Taehyung's spot, lifting his fists to the air and ready to punch his face but Taehyung managed to grab the other guy's fist first. It looks like that one fight scene in a movie but in Taehyung's real life.

Taehyung kicked Jin's left leg, leaving the man groaned in pain. But before he could move again, Jin grabbed his collar and punched him on the face back, causing blood to swirling through his soft lips.

"Stop it, Jin!" Irene tried to stop the fight between but it just a waste. Neither both of them heard her.

Once again, Jin kicked him on his tummy until Taehyung's back met the wall. He held back his pain by placing his palm on his ached stomach.

Taehyung quickly wiped his blood stain and fought Jin back. This time he couldn't be weak anymore, punching Jin's face is the only matter to do until the man was totally unconscious.

His vision was all blurred and he staggered to his feet, swaying a little until his sides met the ground. Irene's voice was the only thing he could hear, pleaded for him to wake up but then all things turned black.


The sounds of birds singing woke the man up. His eyes were still weak but he forced himself to open it up slowly.

"Where the hell am I" he massaged his head, trying to flashback what has happened.

Seeing the curtain flipped made him realized that he's home but not his. He got up carefully as he felt a huge pain on his tummy. Step by step, he went downstairs and scanned the not so huge but luxurious house.

"Gosh, finally you're awake."

Taehyung quickly turned his back, looking at the other woman in front of him.

"W-what happened? How about the guy?" he asked.

"After you fainted, he just ran away. I don't know where to but gladly I could brought you here, 'by myself'. You're so heavy." she said sarcastically.

He nodded, "Have you report it to the police?" he asked while his palm still rubbing the pain he could felt in his stomach.

A question that continuously played on her mind was reporting it to the police but she don't want to risk herself. If Jin caught her telling this to the police, he will not hesitate to do anything even worse than he could do. Killing her? Perhaps yes.

She shook his head in disappoint, "It's not a big deal though." she lied, not only to him but herself.

Taehyung completely understood but curious at the same time, how can she looks so calm after the man obviously intended to harm her? Screw that. Sighed.

He lifted the edge of his lips up and looked at Irene.

"So it's settled now?"

"What is the thing that settled already?" she blankly asked him.

"The debt. I owed you and that night I paid it off, by saving you. Period." he smirked, earning a glare from Irene.

She parted her mouth, "That's not make any sense."

"It happened though."

"Fine." she fed up. "Here, some medicines. Bet you're in so much pain now."

Taehyung shook his head, "I don't eat medicines, thank you."

"You mean that?"

"What?" he asked her curiously.

"The 'thank you'. I thought you don't know how to use that words." she chuckled towards her own words as she felt satisfied with it.

He shrugged, furrowing his left brows before facing back the girl, "Well—now I use it."

riiiiiing riiiiing

The telephone rang out of sudden so she quickly answered it.

"Hey, it's Jimin. Are you free right now? Namjoon hyung is preparing for a party today. Jungkook and Hoseok-hyung will be there too."

"A party..."

She turned to Taehyung slightly and continued her words,

"No, it's okay. I have a guest right now, Jimin. Sorry."

Even though Jimin couldn't see her face, she still lifted a smile on her face.

"Oh, really? That's fine. I will tell Namjoon hyung then. Bye-bye!"

Both of them hang up. Silence filled the living room for moments.

"Have you got your phone back?" Taehyung tried to start the conversation back between him and her.

She shook her head, "Nope, soon or tomorrow I might get it back."

The other guy nodded lightly, leaving a fully understood face to her.

"It's funny how we kinda talked a lot but don't know each other's name yet." she walked closer to Taehyung, who clearly stood there in front of her with poker face.

"Eo—hm, yeah." he scratched his head with no idea what to reply her.

She chuckled towards his action and let out her hands to shake with the guy's. "Bae Joohyun. Just call me Irene. And, you?"

Irene started introducing herself casually but he still didn't move an inch at all but his eyes were on her hands. He was hesitating at first, either to shake her hands or not.

Slowly letting out his right hand, moving it forward to shook Irene's. It was totally a different feeling of him to even touch a stranger's hand.

"Kim Taehyung."

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