Consensual / The Beginning

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"I'm gonna fuck you up, I've got this feeling in my bones, And I can tell that you'll be feeling the same, I've got this feeling in my bones"


It's 2am and we left the bar a few minutes ago after another few of Harry finishing several drinks and watching me squirm under his stare and flirtatious behaviour, the crisp air hits my lungs as soon as we walked outside and it instantly felt like it soothed my heated skin.

I always feel like in running a fever when I'm around him.

I have no idea where we are walking, but we started strolling down one of the back streets and I'm even more thankful I didn't wear heels due to the cobblestone paved street we're walking on.

I keep my eyes on the ground as usual, occasionally taking a timid peek at Harry and much to my dismay he always has his eyes planted firmly on me, eyeing me with what seems to be curiosity.

The silence is overbearing with the only sound being our feet scuffing against the stone ground.

"How old are you?" I ask suddenly, trying to fill the air with something other than the crippling tension.

Harry quirks a brow towards me "Old enough"

I swallow the dry feeling in my mouth, trying to swallow my apprehensiveness down with it.

Does he ever give a straight answer?

"What do you do for work?" I continue bravely, even though my voice comes out quite meek.

Harry puts one hand in the pocket of his leather jacket, the other comes up to mess through his dark waves "Why does it matter?" he replys vaguely, what a bloody surprise, watching me for my reaction.

God trying to make conversation is like pulling teeth for me, and he's not making it any easier.

I shrug shyly "I was just curious"

"Mmm" he hums thoughtfully, his lips twitching at the corners "curiosity killed that cat you know"

I glance sideways at him, picking at the cuticles of my nails "Guess it's a good thing I'm a mouse then"

An amused lopsided lazy smile pops the dimple in his cheek "Guess it is"

There's another drawn out silence as we continue to walk, our pace slow and casual.

The silence eventually breaks when Harry speaks up "Customer service and waste management"

I turn my face to look at him, my forehead creasing in confusion "Huh?"

"That's what I do for work" he states, glancing up at the sky briefly before looking back to me.

"Do you like it?" I question further, curiosity getting the better of me, seeing as this is really the only thing he's told me about his life all night.

I know I don't need to know any this, it's not why we're here, but I can't help but wonder about him.

"It pays the bills" he says simply, rolling his lips inside his mouth as he wets them with his tongue.

It's obvious he isn't going to explain any further so I avert my eyes back to the ground, trying not to wonder what his job actually is given his enigmatic answer.

"What about you? Do you have a job here yet?" he asks as he moves closer next to me, my shoulder brushing against the leather wrapped around his bicep.

I shake my head "No not yet, hopefully I'll get something soon though"

"What is it you want to do?" he asks, tilting his head to catch my eyes but he looks almost distracted by something else inside his own mind.

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