Chapter 28

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For Johnson's men, here are the list:
• 18 Marines (mixed group of humans & faunus)
• 5 ODST (Also mixed group of human & faunus)
2 Sniper team

Now, let's continue the story.

Velvet POV

As we enter this structure I can't believe to see a whole advance room here. We just keep walking path while raising our weapons if we see White fang grunts came to ambush us or the sentinels would come and kill us if we messing with them. We see another door opened to see a platform with a glass on it. We were curious at first, but then, Johnson went to the advance computer which is a terminal as he pressed it and a platform is moving down like an elevator. While it goes down, Johnson said to us.

Johnson:" Alright, listen up. The white fangs might got the weapons here so we must take a cover and fire those fuckers. Once we're done, we'll contact UNSC base to sent more soldiers to guard this place so no one will get their hands on it."

Velvet:" Um... Excuse me."

Johnson:" Yes? What is it, bunny girl?"

Velvet:" What if we run into the sentinels?"

Johnson:" Then, we lowered our weapons so they think we're not their enemies."

Neptune:" If not?"

Johnson:" We'll shoot them if things goes wrong. Any more questions?"

He said. My team, Team SSSN & Johnson's men didn't say a word.

Johnson:" Okay. Let's move."

He said as the platform stops and the door is opened so we move out. We keep walking this place until we find the White fang. In the meantime, I talk to my team leader, Coco.

Velvet:" Coco, what do you think of this place?"

Coco:" Well, this place seems advanced. Although, I was wondering of how it ended up here in our world. Fox, Yatsuhashi, what do you think?"

Yatsuhashi:" Seems ancient here. It's like a temple that forerunner builds here."

Fox:" I agree."

Then, Team SSSN came to join our conversation.

Sage:" Um, we should careful this place. I mean, it got those robots like a security. Plus they might shoot us if we interfere them."

Scarlet:" It depends if someone is wanted to shoot them so badly."

Sun:" Man, imagine if we found this place first. We would have our own place."

Neptune:" Yeah, I doubt it. We don't know everything here except UNSC & SA knows everything in space."

Coco:" For once, I agree with you, Neptune."

Neptune:" Your welcome."

As we talking each other, Johnson give us a hand signal to stop. When we stopped, we see 4 flying robots which are called sentinels looking at us like they never seen us before. I'm was going to raise my plasma pistol but Coco stops me because I was scared that they will shoot us. We lowered our guns so we won't be a threat to them. Then suddenly, one of the sentinel went close to Johnson which he was confused but stay vigilant. Then, it went to the door as the other sentinels follows it. Johnson told us to follow them 'cause we seem like they wanted us to follow them so we did. As we follow the sentinels through every rooms, we see a big door in front of us. The 4 sentinels went to each sides as they guard it. Then, Sun asked Johnson.

Sun:" So... They led us here?"

Johnson:" It seem so. Probably they wanted us to go there."

Human marine:" I don't trust them. I'm feeling suspicious to them."

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