Protective Styling

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Why is it important?

Protective styling protects the ends of your hair and decreases the amount of tangling. Protective styles will also give your scalp a break from being tampered with one the daily and could help with hair growth.


I recommend box braids, wigs or any kind of twists (I currently have Marley twists that I did myself). Sew ins could be an option too but the other options are better because you can easily oil your scalp. Plus every time I get a sew in it reminds me why I shouldn't get another one, the itchiness gets to me! 💀

I personally love these twists and it only took me four hours to complete this style. It'll probably be my go to protective style, I can easily massage oil into my scalp and my hair loves this style as well so I'm satisfied . Once I take these down it'll be time for a trim and a good deep conditioning session.

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