The Resurrection (EDITED)

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Lucius Malfoy strode into the graveyard, a man with a purpose. He was older now, he still bore the scars of the Final Battle, and his family were still hated among many. Even the youngest generations bore internal scars.

He stopped at the darkest and most hostile looking grave in the area, there were never flowers placed here, and whoever passed by it was given a shiver down the spine, muggle or magical. The stone was cracked and covered with moss, despite it only being twenty years old.

The gravestone read:

A man who made all the wrong choices and never felt love.

In memory of Tom Marvolo Riddle (Voldemort)

Life: 31 of December, 1926 - 31 of October 1981 Reincarnated: 24 of June, 1995 - 2 of May, 1998.

Lucius stared for a moment, taking the scene in, before drawing his wand and creating a hole, straight downward. From that hole, the coffin rose, where it dropped to the ground beside the hole. Opening it, Lucius flinched, it had been many years, but even dead, this man was terrifying. Somehow, he hadn't changed, no decay, it was as if he had only died moments ago. The gravestone may have rotted, but this man was only pale with death, nothing seemed to have changed about his body. Perhaps it was waiting for he prophecy to fulfil itself.

Lucius floated the body to the cauldron he had summoned, already bubbling away. He began to murmur as the corpse dropped into the cauldron, "Bone of the father, unwillingly given," he withdrew an old and brittle looking bone from his cloak and dropped it in,"flesh of the servant, willingly sacrificed," he screamed in agony as a sharp dagger sliced off his hand and dropped into the cauldron with a sickening splash."Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken," he withdrew a vial filled with red liquid, pulling the stopper, he allowed the liquid to fall, "the dark lord shall rise again!"

As the final words were spoken, the cauldron caught fire and slowly transformed to his former master, the prophecy would come true. There was no stopping Lord Voldemort, a little eleven year old girl stood no chance, and once she was defeated, the Death Eaters would be freed from Azkaban and Voldemort would punish all those who fought against him. They would feel their enemy's pain.

"My wand, Lucius." The newly emerged figure said with a hiss and a sly, deceitful grin.

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