Bestfriends Forever?

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"Bullshit" i say upset now at what he just told me"that's your son too,

You know should keep Ford for a weekend and take him to Oklahoma, she would never know, and its not a crime to take your child to see there grandparents"

"Your right but, I shouldn't even have brought it up this is our time, I don't want to flood you with my problems"

"Don't be silly your my bestfriend, your problems are my problems"

Blake stared at me, and there was this awkward silence.

He grinned a little and said"thanks"

He crawled on my bed and laid down next to me our feet toward the headboard and our face closest to the TV.

After the first season and first pack of cookies, I get up.

*yawns* "I'm going to go change OK?"

"OK, ill change the movie"

I nod. I walk in my closet and try to shut the door behind shut most of the way but was cracked.I changed out my clothes into a oversized clippers shirt. The shirt I wore to Blake's first game as a I was changing I saw Blake looking at my partially nude body.

"*FAKE COUGHING* Uh um DO YOU MIND"I say jokingly.

"Not at all" he smiles and looks back at TV.

Shocked at his response I throw on the shirt and panties and crawl under the covers.

Blake looks at me and then my shirt.

"Why do you still have that?, throw it away"

"Uh no this is limited edition Griffin memorabilia"

I often spoke to him as if Griffin was a alter ego just for fun.

"Well I've reached my limit with it give it to me"

Blake started to come near me trying to get my shirt.

"NEVER" I screamed taking off running.

Blake being super fast caught me before I could reach the door and pushed me against a wall.

"Got you" he smiled. There was silence and sexual tension with his body pressed against mine. Then it happened he kissed me, my bestfriend since college kissed me.

"Blake I can't, we have been friends for too long to risk ruining it"

" Yn I want you I need you, you have always been there for me through ups and downs there's no other person out there, I need you I want"

Feeling The same way I wrap my arms around his neck as a sign of clarification."In what way do you need me?" I say as I peak his lips.

He smiles"every way" he whispers.

We kiss again. Every second that goes by it grows more intense.I start to feel Blake's head lift.

"I want you so bad" he said against my lips.

I run my thumb across his lips, then put my hand on his cheek" if you want it take it"

He kissed my intensely this time with his tongue, I kiss back trying to be a challenge but he was winning this love war.

He stopped, upset I ask "what, what's wrong?"

"I want to taste you"

He gets on his knees my body still against the wall, and kisses my Kitty with my panties still on. He takes them off and puts my leg over his shoulder. And he kisses it once before he goes out of control. He moves his tongue fast and inhuman ways. I put my hands trough his hairs my fingers get lost in his curls, I throw my head back.

"Uh blake" I could feel him look up.

"So good" he mumbled against my bare skin.

He stopped flicking his tongue started to suck.

"Fuckkkk Blake" I moan out.

He slowly inserted two fingers in me the combination was too much to handle.

"Blake please give it to me" I beg.

He starts to pump his fingers faster in and out of me making me extremely wet.

"Blake I'm about to cum" as soon as I said that he got up off his knees ,wiped his mouth and kissed me once, with his arms around me we were walking to the bed him walking forward me walking backwards. He threw me on the bed

And took out my shirt and bra.

He licked my breast up and down. Blowing on them every now and then.

I got really wet, feeling him rock hard against me made me want him inside of me.

I grabbed the bottom of his shirt to signal him to take off, he did.

He took of his shorts and slowly put himself on top of me.

He slowly put all of himself in me showing me no mercy.

"Oh God" I arch my back in pleasure.

"God Yn you feel so good" he said against my lips.

He starts to ease his way in me stroking slowly and short. But that didn't last long he starting to pound in me hard, fast and deep.

"Oh Blake yes" I moan uncontrollably.

I start to scratch his back at the pain and pleasure.

He takes my hands and pins them above my head to make me helpless.

" baby Im so close" I cry out.

" just take it" he said still ramming his body in mine.

I try to fight with everything I have, but every stroke took me higher.

I stay quiet trying to focus on not Cumming. When noticing my attempt He smiled and turns on his back.

"Come ride" he said in all seriousness.

I bit my lip and got on top of him. I slowly put him in me and rode.

Grinding my body against his I could tell he was enjoying it. He moaned which was more like a growl. His hands on my hips guiding them.

He took his thumb and started to rub my Kitty while bouncing on him.

This was bound to send me to climax.

"Blake I'm Cumming"

"Yes baby do it"

I could feel him tense up and then he pushed me off of him. Standing over me he stroked himself then He cum all over my boobs.

He stopped for a second, then kissed me. I Stayed in the same position he laid beside me in the bed.


"Yeah" he replied out of breath.

"What does this mean for us?"

He turned his head and looked in my eyes softly placed his hand on my cheek and rubbing it.

"Whatever you want it too" he smiled.

Exhausted I could slowly feel myself starting to fade into a deep sleep he placed his arm around me and feel asleep.

Before fading away I ponder at the thought of what I just did with my best friend or should I say boyfriend.

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