Find Me Salvation

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(Before you read, this is an old story that i figured can be the first upload. :) it is kinda confusing... apparently, have fun :))

Find Me Salvation

I have been to this place before. For years I have been trying to avoid it, not wanting to ever come back. I know though, that this is what I have to do.

I paced up the narrow twisting staircase, remembering the familiar sound of the old wooden stairs creaking as I stood onto them. I ran my fingers along the cool brick walls, leaving a trail in the thick inches of dust, stuck to them.

I slowed down as I came to the peak of the stairs, and let my hand drop beside me.

Taking a deep breath, I pushed open the heavy metal door at the top of the stairs, coughing as I breathed in the cloud of unsettled dust that escaped.

Inside was the familiar dim lit room, with the one rectangular window in the far wall.

The room was empty except for some dated pictures I had of myself from my previous eight lives. Today, I was to end another, my ninth life.

I was in the room, where I always had to die.

I've been cursed since birth for the sins of my parents. To always die. Cursed to be resurrected into something else. Always remembering what I have been before.

Cursed to always be someone that no body cares about, or notices. One that nobody wants anything to do with, the one that always wanted and had to die.

That's what I now have to do. I am so tired of coming back, having to suffer through the lives of worthless people. This life I was enduring was one of a failing high school student. I couldn't learn or do simple things that I had learnt before, tormented, bullied, just a loser. This time, when I jump, I want to die, and I don't want to come back.

I walk across the small, old room, and place another photo of myself on the wall.

As I start towards the window, I see the first photo, of my real self, a small orphaned child, living in the orphanage, below. The one that never got adopted. That was the first time I jumped, when I found out about what my parents had done. Why they had me cursed, they thought it a 'gift' for me to relive, it only got them killed.

Sighing, I walked purposefully towards the window undoing the lock that kept it closed; it swung open, moaning in relief.

I stood onto the window sill, the dark crimson night gown I wore floated softly in the breeze. Preparing myself for the thrill of the fall. I slid off the edge.

Falling down the four stories of the building, I knew there would be no pain.

The road below seemed to mock me, waiting, as if knowing of my yearning.

I hit the ground. The pain was unbearable, something I had never felt before, and I knew I was dying, really, dying. I had finally out lived myself. I found my salvation.


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