Ch 2 - Forest

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So it's been 7 mos and wellpppoooo he's still here. Lmao. Life. So I decided it was cool to go rock climbing and it was kinda liiiit I never got too far up tho because I was scared,teeheee lol umm yah so basically Abby decided she wanted to change the channel when I was in the middle of thinking's about all of that... and then they were swaying in the air coming back down??? You know the people from above going down to the floor... yeahhh that's what I'm talking about.. so yeah I was like, "abby you know I was watching that like why you did that for??" And she said "because I'm bored and it's 4:57 in the morning *sigh* and yeah that's what I wanted to watch so get over it" Abby was on 2 years younger than me.. omg it's crazy like woahhh liiiitttttt and we're sis too, bitch we lit asf out heaaaa lmaoooo
Then bloop. Bloop. Bloop my Hannah Montana ringtone came on. Mm gotta love bbms I think? It was him. Marcus. I wondered if I wanted to talk to him and why he was writing me so late. We never talk past 8. And it's snowing outside like really hard the lamp lights were flickering a little.. but yeahhh so I responded (what's up) and he firstly wrote (do you like hot cocoa?) then he wrote (nothing miss seeing you, you're all I dream about) and then I responded (let the stars be the guides to our love) and then I layed on Abby's arm to give her a weird sideways hug and dipped out to my bedroom. I went in my bedroom and lifted my laptop, then I saw a newsletter from The notorious magazine Gorio Syaloo with my favorite singer KESZ photo as the cover omg I got goosebumps how magnificent. Her hit single DG aka Dolce Gabana had just been released just a few months ago. Ooooop I'm so sikedddd she's really amazing rapper. But yeahhhh after seeing that I notification from Fb popped up and ohh boy it was not good. It was a message from that boy Eric that I had got in a big problem with.. ughhhsshh he's so cute w/ his pretty hair and eyes ughhh.. after 4 years of him staring I would've thought he'd at least say hi to me 🤔 he started to flirt with me one time and then idk he just left school and came back like 6mos after expecting me to still wanna be with him but not telling me where he went? But I wasn't his girlfriend so idk how to feel about that really kinda confused actually lol anyway by that time the night went on it was 6:40 in the morning and I'm laying there amazed at all the issues of being a teen, but really that nigga Marcus just up and moved over here and thinks it's okay to talk to me about hot cocoa?? @4:50 something in the morning are you kidding me? Should I be worried? Is it love? Ooooassshhhh I wish I knew because idk he's kinda cute but then it's like okaye scary got it lmaoo just cause. Idk he is older than me. If bea knew about this ooo.

Ch 3 coming soon‼️

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