Chapter 19

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“What has changed then?” I asked after I clipped on my seatbelt. Xerxes looked across at me briefly as he drove, a low hum coming from the engine of his car as we exited my mother’s neighborhood.

“Easton decided that it’s best that Kesley go into the meeting alone. We will stay outside whilst she enters and we will be able to hear what is being spoken. A camera will be attached to her and we shall also see what she sees from a nearby area.”

A thrill of excitement coursed through my body and my lips twitched. “Ah.”

Xerxes looked at me sternly. “We still will have to be very aware of our surroundings. Although we won’t be inside the building, we need to be cautious. So no playing around, Becca.”

I rolled my eyes, feeling like I was being reprimanded. “Okay daddy.”

The car screeched, almost coming to a halt. I mentally face palmed myself at my choice of words, my throat tightening with embarressment.

A slow, playful grin lifted the corners of Xerxes’ lips, all seriousness disappearing, his eyes piercing mine.

“So I’m your daddy now, huh?” He spoke huskily,  barely keeping his eyes on the road. My heart clenched at the gaze I was given, at the wantonness and desire he exuded. His hands braced the steering wheel when he finally looked away, nostrils flaring as he focused on the road as a horn blew from behind us.

I inhaled, settling back in the seat when it seemed that he wouldn’t be pouncing on me. Lightning flashed overhead, thunder rumbling in the sky. I chewed on my lip as raindrops began to fall, hand moving to the radio as a reporter spoke of heavy rainfall approaching.

We hadn’t even arrived to our destination when the rain got harder, pelting down on the windshield. Xerxes turned on the heater, the one hand still steering the vehicle clenching the wheel.

“So, Becca,” His voice was low, deep. “How are you enjoying college?”

I scoffed. “College is college.” I muttered. “The work sometimes can be tough.”

The car slowed as it turned a corner. Lightning illuminated the sky. “And has that boy spoken to you recently?”

I blinked. “What boy?”

“The boy who I saw you with the day I collected you.”

“Oh.” I paused. “You mean Mathew. Yeah, we talked yesterday actually.”

“So you and him are friends then?” The sentence was roughly spoken, guttural. I squinted in thought.

“No. More like acquaintances I guess. Well, not even that.”

Xerxes made a noise of displeasure in the back of his throat, driving the car into a parking lot and the downpour of rain increased. I sat up, narrowing my eyes at a parked van.

“That is Easton’s.” Xerxes said, parking near it and shutting the engine off. The door of the van slid open, revealing the large werewolf inside. I got out the car and took his hand, letting him help me into his vehicle. Xerxes got in as well and locked the door quietly behind him.

It was odd, seeing both of these tall men in this small van, traces of their discomfort displayed on their face as they trudged to the back area of the vehicle.

A sleek laptop and a few other computers rested on tables. Easton knelt slightly, tapping a finger on the keyboard, allowing the dark van to become brighter from the light coming from the laptop. Thunder roared outside, a dark, terrifying sound that made me freeze. I could hear the rain falling on the roof above, the noise echoing.

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