Meaning of Life ➻ CH 11. Swing Low

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Chapter Eleven | Swing Low

May 2016

Princess Eirene just wore seven outfits in one day

Princess Eirene of Wales is a royal princess but she's also the queen of outfit changes, as Monday proved.

The Princess stepped out in not one, not two, not three, but seven different looks while completing several different engagements in New York even squeezing in a date night with the Duke of Escambia.

As well as choosing a surprising suit from Ralph Lauren's menswear collection, Princess Eirene of Wales went for a neon yellow suit, a glittery Chanel dress and a stand-out houndstooth jumpsuit.

This is how you do it.

Princess Eirene started the day at the Global Green Growth Forum, wearing a Brandon Maxwell suit in an unmissable shade of yellow.

The princess left the hotel in a different look consisting of a strapless Oscar de la Renta dress and snakeskin heels.

Halfway through the day, Eirene changed into a houndstooth Chanel jumpsuit, carrying one of the French label's dice bags.

A different look for Eirene came next. She stepped out of yet another hotel wearing a three-piece Ralph Lauren suit from the designer's menswear collection.

Another hour, another outfit. Eirene changed once again into a blue suede trench dress and Bottega Veneta leather coat paired with striking floral boots.

For her date with the Duke of Escambia, the princess waltzed in wearing a shredded basketball top and flared navy trousers by Monse.

Eirene's final outfit of the jam-packed day was a stunning silver Chanel gown worn with a pristine white coat for The Women Deliver Conference.


"Hello?" Eirene asked answering the phone.

"Hey." Leati said.

"How are you?" Eirene asked.

"I'm good, how are you?" Leati replied.

"I'm great." Eirene said.

"So, my parents want to meet you and Adela." Leati said.

"They do?" Eirene asked.

"Yes, actually they want you two to spend the week with us in Smarvia." Leati answered.

"A week in Smarvia." Eirene said.

"I understand if you can't come-"

"We'll be there. I can't wait to meet your family especially your daughter, Jolene." Eirene said cutting him off.

"Great, I'll have the private jet come and get you-"

"Saturday." Eirene added.

"Right, Saturday." Leati said.

"Are you okay?" Eirene asked.

"I'm fine, so how many dates have we been on?" Leati answered.

"Four, why?" Eirene replied.

"Hmm...I thought it was six." Leati said.

"Well, it's actually six but I don't count them because the first one I got sick so we ended it early and the second one well you got sick so we ended it early too." Eirene said.

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