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Chapter Ten | Sweet Chariot

April 2016

Eirene was walking the garden at the Clarence House, her arm on her father's arm as they calmly made their way outside, looking at the flowers since it was the middle of the spring.

"So, you went on a date with the Duke of Escambia, how was it?" Charles asked his daughter.

"Surprisely, it was one of the best dates I've been and we both know there has not been a lot." Eirene answered.

"That's wonderful, do you think you and him could be a serious relationship?" Charles asked.

"That's something that I do not have answer to." She replied.

"Eirene, don't you think it's time you settled down." Charles said.

"Father, when it's the right time I'll settle down but for now I'm focused on Adela." Eirene said.

"And how is my granddaughter?" Charles asked.

Eirene find herself doing this a lot anytime anyine asked about Adela, she was quick to pull out her phone and show him pictures of her daughter from the last few days. She would love to bother people with how Adela is an adorable intelligent baby.

"She's starting to sit up and holds her bottle on her own." Eirene said with a big smile.

"She is wonderful." Charles said.

"She also has Harry wrapped around her little finger. He has to come over twice a day and call to talk to her because he claims she senses when he isn't around and he cannot have her mad at him." Eirene said.

"That boy is something else." Charles said, shaking his head.

"Well, he is your son." Eirene said.


Princess Eirene of Wales to Appear on British Vogue's May Cover

This will be the first British Vogue cover to feature the princess but fourth Vogue cover to feature the princess.

ROYAL COVER: It's a first: The Princess of Wales will appear on the cover of the May issue of British Vogue, in a portrait shot by Mario Testino. The magazine will be published on May 15.

Princess Eirene gets her fourth 'Vogue cover for May and it's really, really pretty.

Princess Eirene of Wales has been one of the biggest style stars of her generation.

It's no secret that Anna Wintour has taken quite the liking to Princess Eirene over the years, as the Princess has covered Vogue before - in 2009, 2010 and 2014- and covered the glossy's first-ever "Best Dressed" supplement.

Princess Eirene is quite open in her interview, discussing everything from her very hands-on role with her daughter, Princess Adela to dating life.


"Auntie Irene!" George said.

"Auntee!" Charlotte cried.

"Hello, little ones." Eirene said, pulling Adela into her lap. "Where's Mummy?" She asked as she looked around, and then her eyes fell on Kate.

"Hi," Kate said. "Mind if we join you?" she asked.

"I'm sure, you're here to grill me about the date with Leati." Eirene answered.

Kate sat down in the chair beside Eirene as George and Charlotte darted off to play.

"So, how was it?" Kate asked.

"It was wonderful." Eirene replied.

"Does that mean there's a second date?" Kate asked.

"No, that just means I'm open to dating." Eirene answered.

"Exclusively or just-"

"Either." Eirene said interrupting Kate.

"She's such a pretty girl." Kate observed, staring at Adela.

"She is." Eirene agreed, stroking her daughter's hair."So, what are you and William planning for your wedding anniversary?" She asked.

"Nothing really." Kate answered.

"Well, how about this, I'll take the kids while you two have a quiet night together, consider it my present to you two." Eirene said.

"You would really do that for us?" Kate asked.

"Of course, Kate." Eirene answered.

"Thank you so much, Eirene." Kate said.

"No problem, Kate." Eirene said.


Princess Eirene Makes 2 Stunning Appearances in 1 Day, Because Why Not

Princess Eirene of Wales looked radiant when she stepped out for not one but two glamorous events in London on Wednesday. The Princess of Wales, who also helped open the Magic Garden at Hampton Court Palace earlier in the day, first attended a lunch in aid of The Anna Freud Centre at the Spencer House. Dressed in a pastel-blue dress, Eirene waved to fans gathered outside and flashed her signature smile. A few hours later, she stepped out again to attend the Vogue 100: A Century of Style exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. The mom of Princess Adela recently graced the pages of British Vogue with a gorgeous photo shoot.

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