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Chapter Eight | Like A Hound

March 2016

Princess Eirene shows up for Easter Day service

Many women reserve their killer heels for cocktail parties or nights out at fancy restaurants.

But not so for some of those in the Royal Family. Princess Eirene, Princess Beatrice and her sister Eugenie turned up in towering stilettos for an Easter Sunday church service with the Queen.

Eirene, 28, looked amazing in nude Christian Louboutin heels -- while Beatrice, 27, looked a little unstable in her £199 Kurt Geiger black patent leather shoes – supported by just a thin metal rod – while Eugenie, 26, tottered in pink leather heels also by Kurt Geiger.

And their aunt Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, 51, was not to be outdone and wore daring black patent Christian Dior heels with sharp pointed toes and transparent sides.

The women of the royal family stepped out to join the Queen for Easter Day service at St George's Chapel, Windsor, in a rainbow of spring colours - with a notable exception.

Princess Eirene, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, her daughter Lady Louise, Princess Anne and her daughter-in-law Autumn Phillips attended the annual service but the Duchess of Cambridge was nowhere to be seen.

As Prince William spends the Bank Holiday weekend in Kenya, it is thought that Kate will bring Prince George and Princess Charlotte to celebrate Easter with her parents in Bucklebury, Berkshire.

The group of siblings, in-laws and cousins laughed and chatted as they walked into the church for the annual service. The family were greeted by the Right Reverend David Connor, who led the Easter Day service.

The Queen was a burst of colour as she attended the church in a primrose coat, and later emerged with Prince Philip smiling and holding a bouquet of flowers.


Eirene got Adela out of the car seat as she tried to hurry up inside the palace. They were last to arrive at Buckingham Palace and were led inside by one of the footmen. They are having dinner at the private Queen's Drawing room.

"Presenting, Their Royal Highnesses, The Princess Eirene and Princess Adela of Wales." The butler said.

With that, they were led inside the room with Eirene going to greet the Queen then The Duke of Edigburgh.

"Granny." Eirene said as she kissed her grand-mother's cheeks and sinking to a deep curtsy.

"Hello, Eirene." Elizabeth said taking Adela out of her arms. "Hello, little one." She cooed at the baby.

Eirene smiled as he grandfather touched the baby's cheek.

"She's beautiful." He said.

"Thank you, is the Duke of Escambia not joining us?" Eirene asked.

"No, he has other plans." Elizabeth answered while giving her granddaughter a look.

"Oh okay." Eirene said.

Eirene went to greet Charles first with kisses on the cheeks before moving on to Camila, who kissed her cheeks before moving on to greeted William and Kate. Once that's done, they moved on to the dining table in the side of the room where they will have dinner.

Harry and Meghan entered the room and Eirene mentally rolled her eyes at the fact that they were late.

They joined the family at the table. Sitting at the head of the table, Elizabeth was seated and to her left is Philip and to her right is Charles. Next to Charles sat Camila and then William and Kate. On Philips other side sat Eirene and next to her is an empty chair where Harry would sit and then Meghan.

"Eirene, Adela is now three months, when do you plan to have a christening for her?" Camilla asked.

"I didn't think about that." Eirene answered.

"Well, it's time you start thinking about it." Charles said.

"I can help you, Eirene." Kate said.

"Thank you, Kate." Eirene said.

Dinner went along wonderfully. Drinks were given all around, laughter was all around.


Arriving at the restaurant Trinity has chosen for lunch, One of the royal protection officers opened Eirene's car door and help her step out of the car.

Entering the restaurant, she walked to the reception table at the front.

"Good Afternoon, Your Royal Highness. Do you have a reservation?" The woman behind the counter asked.

"I'm actually meeting a group here, I think it should be under Trinity." Eirene said.

"Oh, Right this way." She said then started walking to the back and opened another door for her. This led into a private room which currently hold Kitty, Louis, Eliza, Trinity, Zara, Mike, Pippa, James, Peter, Autumn, Beatrice, Harry, Meghan, William, Kate, Skippy, Adrienne, Lucas, Eugenie, Jack and a few others.

They greeted each other with hugs and kisses before settling down in their seats around the long rectangle table.

Then a man walked in first to check the room and then walked out before Leati entered. Eirene mentally glared at Trinity who smiled her way. Leati greeted everyone then took the last empty seat which was next to Eirene.

"Hi." Leati said to her.

"Hello." She said not noticing the group watching the two interact.

"So, Trinity, how does this count as a small group lunch?" Adrienne asked.

"Did I say that?" Trinity replied.

"Yes, you did." Eirene said.

"Oh, well." She said sipping her deink.

They spent the next hour or so catching up with each other. The group talked about their life, their other halves and what they've been up to.

"Oh, Eirene is planning Adela's christening." Kate said.

"Really?" Kitty asked.

"Yes, and everyone here is invited too." Eirene answered.

"Thanks for the invite." Skippy said.

"So, who are the godparents?" Zara asked.

"Well, so far I only have three godmothers." Eirene answered.

"No godfathers?" Harry asked.

"Nope." Eirene replied.


Published 29 March 2016

Her Royal Highnesses Princess Eirene of Wales is pleased to announce the christening of Princess Adela will take place on Wednesday, 13th April at The Chapel Royal, St James's Palace.

Princess Adela will be christened by The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby.

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