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Chapter Seven | Tabs On You

March 2016

Princess Eirene and The Duke of Escambia make official appearance in South London

Princess Eirene and The Duke of Escambia, took a tour of the Stephen Lawrence Centre, a place for community learning and social research. For the mid-morning event, Eirene wore a gray Mulberry coat.


Princess Eirene Is Sexy in Silk at the State Dinner

With the best arm candy in tow: The Duke of Escambia.

On Thursday night, Queen Elizabeth II welcomed The Duke of Escambia, to Buckingham Palace for the annual state dinner, where everyone looked their evening wear best and tiaras.

Kate stunned in her spring time-ready gown by Alexander McQueen, as did Camilla in a white number by fellow Canuck Lucian Matis. Their husbands cleaned up quite nicely, too.

While the quartet had all eyes on them, no one on the Internet could stop talking about Princess Eirene and Samavian Prince, The Duke of Escambia, who arrived arm-in-arm. Eirene turned heads in a silk Ralph & Russo gown with shoulder cutouts, which she paired with dazzling drop earrings and a ginormous ring, while Leati looked dapper as ever in a navy tux with black lapels and a white bow tie.


"Why did I let you talk me into this?" Eirene asked as she gasped out through labored breaths as she jogged beside her cousin down a mostly deserted park sidewalk. Beatrice laughed, turning so that she was facing her, not missing a beat.

"This is good for you." Beatrice said.

"Yeah, cause my lungs squeezing to the point of no return is good for me." Eirene said and Beatrice laughed. Eirene let out a begrudging chuckle. Beatrice wasn't a health nut but at least twice a week, she forced her out of bed to go jogging in the kensington gardens park.

While she complained and griped about the physical exertion and early hour, she had to admit that she always felt better after jogging around with her. Her head was clearer and she felt like she had a little more energy to tackle her day.

She suspected that Beatrice knew this too but knew better than to tell her younger cousin, I told you so.

"A couple more miles and then you can die in the comfort of your own apartment." She said. Eirene rolled her eyes.

"Great." Eirene said.

"Eirene?" She turned and her stomach dropped.

"Leati! Hi!" Leati was walking up to her in measured strides, dressed in a pair of gym shorts and somewhat sweaty hoodie. He was smiling.

"How are you?" he asked politely and she waved her hand nonchalantly.

"I'm good. Just out for a jog." she said.

"I didn't know you jogged, I usually do at least eight miles in the morning. We should jog together sometime." Leati said.

"Oh, no, I'm not a serious jogger. I mean I don't even do it more than a couple times a week. I'm one hundred percent sure I could never keep up with you. I mean, look at you. You're like some sort of Greek god. I just do it because I get a cupcake as a reward and Beatrice feels better about herself while I struggle." Eirene said, her cheeks heating as Leati bit his lip, trying to hold back a smile.

Beatrice cleared her throat quietly, a hint to introduce her. "Leati, this is Beatrice, my cousin amd best friend. Beatrice, this is Leati, The Duke of Escambia." Eirene said as they shook hands and she noticed Leati's much larger and defined -flexed biceps.

"Nice to meet you." Leati said politely.

"Nice to meet you, too." Beatrice said.

"Well, I have to go." Leati said.

"Okay, bye." Eirene said.

Leati continued running while Beatrice and Eirene began to head towards her apartment a few miles away.

"Is he always so put together?" Beatrice asked.

"He's always so put together." Eirene answered.


"Leati? What are you..." she seemed completely confused by his presence at her apartment.

"You missed our meeting." Leati said.

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry, Adela wasn't feeling good, she starts crying or poops so bad that it comes out every opening of her diaper and then I get so preoccupied cleaning up I forget what I was doing." Eirene choked out, almost in hysterics as tears poured from her face.

He shushed her and moved her into the apartment, kicking the door closed gently behind them. He guided her to the couch, quickly moving a stuffed bear out of the way and sat her down.

"I'm sorry." she cried, fresh sobs wrenching from her throat.

Leati chuckled softly and gently wiped his thumbs across her cheeks to clear the tears.

"You still have time to get ready for the reception. Now, you go get in the shower." Leati said.

"But Adela." she said, eyes moving to a door past his shoulder.

"I will take care of Adela." he promised, pulling her up and setting her in the direction of the bathroom. She walked unsteadily down the hall to her room.

A small cry broke the silence. He got up and entered the room next to hers. It was decorated with an assortment of pink and girly décor. He approached the crib in the corner where he could see the blanket moving as small feet kicked it.

He peered inside and smiled softly. Adela looked up at him, brown eyes bright. She stared at him for a moment, as though confused by this new face that wasn't her mother's before her mouth spread into a tiny, gumless grin. His own smile widened in response. He reached into the crib, gently cradling her neck and bottom as he pulled her out.

"Hello, beautiful girl." he whispered as he walked back out to the living room and sat down with her.

Adela stared at him until they heard the soft pads of Eirene's footsteps behind him. She was in a blush pink dress with nude heels and her hair was up in a neat bun.

"Adela, doesn't mummy look good?" Leati asked showing the baby her mother who stood there looking at her. Adela smiled.

"Should we leave now?" Eirene asked.

"Yeah, let's go." Leati answered, standing up with Adela in his arms. As April entered the room and took Adela from Leati and left the room.


Leati and Eirene Attend Charity Dinner at St James' Palace

The Duke of Escambia and Princess Eirene hostessed a Gala Dinner for 120 guests in the Picture Room of St. James's Palace on Saturday. The Dinner was a fundraiser for the National British Smarvian Association.

The Duke of Escambia is a patron for the National British Smarvian Association and this dinner was intended in raise money (they were hoping for £12 million) in order to build a world-renowned centre, explains The Daily Mail.

Princess choose a beautiful custom made Jenny Peckham gown.

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